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  1. Jamii Bora Bank Limited (JBB) is in the process of pre-qualifying suppliers for supply of goods and services for the 2020/22 financial year.
  2. The current suppliers on the approved list must re- apply again for pre-qualification
  3. JBB therefore invites eligible firms to submit applications for pre-qualification of suppliers for the categories of goods and services during the 2020/2022 financial year
JBB/01/2020/22 Supply of Computers and Accessories.
JBB/02/2020/22 Supply of Office Furniture.
JBB/03/2020/22 Supply and Service of Fire Fighting Equipments.
JBB/04/2020/22 Supply of General Office Stationery,
JBB/05/2020/22 Provision of Computer Maintenance Services.
JBB/06/2020/22 Provision of Cleaning Services.
JBB/07/2020/22 Supply of Office Equipment.
JBB/08/2020/22 Supply of Toners, and Cartridges.
JBB/09/2020/22 Provision of Taxi and Car Hire Services.
JBB/10/2020/22 Provision of Air Ticketing Services.
JBB/11/2020/22 Provision of Printing Services.
JBB/12/2020/22 Provision of Carpentry, Masonry and General Repairs & Maintenance Services.
JBB/13/2020/22 Provision of Fumigation services and Pest Control.
JBB/14/2020/22 Supply of branded promotional items & material (Banners, T Shirts, Bags, Flags, Caps etc)
JBB/15/2020/22 Maintenance of Generators & Inverters
JBB/16/2020/22 Structured Cabling
JBB/17/2020/22 Provision of Sanitary Bins services
JBB/18/2020/22 Provision of Air Conditioning and maintenance services
JBB/19/2020/22 Water dispenser and Mineral Water services
JBB/20/2020/22 Repair and Maintenance of Motor Vehicle and related Accessories
JBB/21/2020/2? Architectural, Interior design and Construction work.
JBB/22/2020/22 Ups supply and maintenance services
JBB/23/2020/22 Provision of Hotels Accommodation, conference facilities and outside catering services
JBB/24/2020/22 Provision of Training / Team building services
JBB/25/2020/22 Provision of leasing photocopiers / printers / scanner
JBB/26/2020/22 Provision of CCTV/ Access control / Fire alarm services
JBB/27/2020/22 Provision of Corporate Branding Services
JBB/28/2020/22 Provision of CIT services
JBB/29/2020/22 Provision of Guarding Services
JBB/30/2020/22 Provision of Preventive maintenance for servers, PCs and laptops
JBB/31/2020/22 Provision of Enterprise storage system and supply of servers
JBB/32/2020/22 Provision of Microsoft licenses and support
JBB/33/2020/22 Provision and support of Cisco telephone equipment
JBB/34/2020/22 Provision asset tagging services
JBB/35/2020/22 Provision of Legal services
JBB/36/2020/22 Provision of Debt recovery
JBB/37/2020/22 Provision of Auctioneer services
JBB/38/2020/22 Provision of Bulk SMS
JBB/39/2020/22 Provision of CRB services
JBB/40/2020/22 Provision of Marketing Research Services
JBB/41/2020/22 Provision of Data digitization {Archive documents)
JBB/42/2020/22 Provision of System Integration Services (Mpesa, Fiorano among others}
JBB/43/2020/22 Provision of ATM services and maintenance
JBB/44/2020/22 Valuers services
JBB/45/2020/22 Real estate and Property agents
  1. To be eligible the applicants must prove that they qualify to participate in public tenders by providing the following items:
  2.             Copy of the business certificate of registration
  3.             Copy of VAT registration certificate

iii.            Copy of PIN registration certificate

  1.             Copy of Tax compliance certificate
  2.             Documentary evidence of competence and capacity to supply the goods and/or services
  3.             Relevant business experience

vii.            Physical location of the business

viii.            Names and addresses of three referees

  1.             Business financial statements for the last 3 years.

For legal services the following must be submitted for consideration.

  1.             Letter requesting empanelment
  2.             Firm Profile

iii.            Copy of current professional indemnity cover

  1.             Copies of Certificate of Registration of firm
  2.             Copies of current practicing certificate for all partners and all associates
  3.             Recommendation Letter from at least 3 corporate institutions (2 being financial institutions)

vii.            Letter confirming they are not handling any litigation matter against the Bank.


  1. Interested applicants can get the pre-qualification documents at our website. To download visit downloads( pre- qualification document).
  2. Pre-qualification document must be submitted with an attached banking deposit slip upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 3,500 (Kenya shillings three thousands five hundred only) in cash or Bankers cheque per category of goods and/or services. To be deposited to the nearest Jamii Bora bank branch A/C no GL Account 209907 Branch Head Office.
  3. The completed pre-qualification document must be submitted in a plain sealed envelope which should bear the words pre­qualification of suppliers for supply of (Category and item) clearly indicated at the bottom of the envelope.
  4. The documents should be submitted by 6th March 2020 before 12.00 P.M and deposited in the tender box at Jamii Bora Towers, on Mezzanine floor at the reception, or posted to

The Chairman

Tender Committee

Jamii Bora Bank Ltd

  1. O. Box 22741 – 00400


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