The Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO), invites interested bidders to submit their application to be enlisted as prequalified suppliers for the financial years 2021- 2022 TO 2022-2023. Previously Pre- qualified suppliers shall be required to re-apply to confirm their continued compliance with the qualification criteria.

Interested eligible candidates may obtain further information from and inspect the tender documents at the office of the Supply Chain Management, room (Room 513) at the Kenya Copyright Board, NHIF Building 5th Floor, Ragati Road, during office working hours (i.e. 8. 00a.m to 5. 00p.m). The document may be downloaded from KECOBO website or acquired in hard copy at a minimal fee of ksh 1,000 only

1 KECOBO-G1/2021-23 Supply of General Stationery, Toner, Cartridges & ribbons Reserved
2 KECOBO-G2/2021-23 Supply of Software Open
3 KECOBO-G3/2021-23 Supply of Office Equipment Open
4 KECOBO-G4/2021-23 Supply of Cleaning Materials and Detergents Reserved
5 KECOBO-G5/2021-23 Supply of Uniform, Footwear and Protective Clothing Reserved
6 KECOBO-G6/2021-23 Supply of Mobile phones and Airtime /bundles Reserved
7 KECOBO-G7/2021-23 Supply of Clean Bottled water Reserved
8 KECOBO-G8/2021-23 Supply of Audio visual equipment Reserved
9 KECOBO-G9/2021-23 Supply of Telecom. Equipment and Accessories Open
10 KECOBO-G10/2021-23 Supply of Fire Fighting Equipment Open
11 KECOBO-G11/2021-23 Supply of Security gadgets and detectors Open
1 KECOBO-S1/2021-23 Maintenance of Office Equipment and other assets Reserved
2 KECOBO-S2/2021-23 Provision of cleaning services Reserved
3 KECOBO-S3/2021-23 Maintenance and Servicing of Motor Vehicles – Approved Garages only Open
4 KECOBO-S4/2021-23 Servicing and Maintenance of Air Conditioning Equipment and Cold rooms Open
5 KECOBO-S5/2021-23 Repair and Maintenance of Telecommunication Equipment and PABX Open
6 KECOBO-S6/2021-23 Servicing and Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment Reserved
7 KECOBO-S7/2021-23 Repair and Maintenance of Building Reserved
8 KECOBO-S8/2021-23 Provision of Events management/ Promotion services Reserved
9 KECOBO-S9/2021-23 Repair and Maintenance of Safes/cabinets Reserved
10 KECOBO-S10/2021-23 Provision of Legal Services (Non-litigation) Open
11 KECOBO-S11/2021-23 Provision of insurance for Board assets Open
12 KECOBO-S12/2021-23 Provision of Car Tracking Services Open
13 KECOBO-S13/2021-23 Provision of Car Hire services Open
14 KECOBO-S14/2021 -23 Supply of printed stationery Reserved
15 KECOBO-S15/2021-23 Provision of Travel bookings and Air ticketing services Reserved
16 KECOBO-S16/2021-23 Maintenance of Security gadgets and detectors Open
17 KECOBO-S17/2021-23 Design and Printing of Calendars, Books and Journals Reserved
18 KECOBO-S18/2021-23 Design and Printing of Promotional Materials Reserved
19 KECOBO-S19/2021-23 Provision of Public relations and communications consultancy services Open
20 KECOBO-S20/2021 -2 3 Supply of Marketing and promotional materials e.g. T Shirts Reserved
21 KECOBO-S21/2021-23 Supply of newspapers and periodicals Open
22 KECOBO-S22/2021 -2 3 Provision of digital media/social media campaign services Reserved
23 KECOBO-S23/2021-23 Provision of editing services Reserved
24 KECOBO-S24/2021-23 Provision of videography, photography and documentary production services Reserved
25 KECOBO-S25/2021 -2 3 Provision of event organizing and exhibitions services. Reserved
26 KECOBO-S26/2021 -2 3 Provision of Insurance brokerage services Open
27 KECOBO-S27/2021-23 Provision of Insurance for Board vehicles Open
1 KECOBO-C1/2021-23 Various research, training, & consultancy services Open

Completed tender documents are to be submitted in plain sealed envelopes, marked with the tender number, and be deposited in the Tender Box at the reception area or Room 513 for large documents that cannot fit in the tender box slot. Documents are to be addressed to:

The Executive Director
Kenya Copyright Board
P. o. Box 34670 00100

So as to be received on or before 11.00 a.m. on 18th May 2021. The Board reserves the right to accept or reject any application without giving reasons for its decision.

Executive Director

Kenya Copyright Board