JUBILEE PARTY invites applications for pre-qualification of interested and eligible suppliers for the supply of goods, works and services for the period 2020/2021 -2021/2022 as follows:

1 JP/001/T-A1/2020-22 Printing of Tamper Proof Certificates and Accounting Documents Open
2 JP/001/T-A2/2020-22 Printing and Delivery of Election Materials, Books and Manuals. Open
3 JP/001/T-A3/2020-22 Printing and Delivery of T-shirts, Embroidered Cloth Caps, Paper Caps, Lessos, etc. Open
4 JP/001/T-A4/2020-22 Printing and Delivery of Posters, Banners and Display Materials Special Group
5 JP/001/T-A5/2020-22 Printing and Delivery of Promotional materials – Badges, Ties, Wrist Bands, Bags, Scarves, Bandanas Flash Disks etc. Special Group
6 JP/001/T-B1/2020-22 Provision of Courier Services Open
7 JP/001/T-B2/2020-22 Provision of Consultancy Services in Management, Organizational development and training Open
8 JP/001/T-B3/2020-22 Provision of Security Services. Open
9 JP/001/T-B4/2020-22 Provision of Insurance Services. Open
10 JP/001/T-B5/2020-22 Provision of Legal Services. Open
11 JP/001/T-B6/2020-22 Provision of Cleaning Services. Open
12 JP/001 /T-B7/2020-22 Provision of Catering Services. Open
13 JP/001/T-B8/2020-22 Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Material and Detergents Special Group
14 JP/001 /T-B9/2020-22 Provision of Branding Services. Open
15 JP/001/T-B10/2020-22 Provision of Computer Repairs and Maintenance Services. Special Group
16 JP/001/T-C1/2020-22 Supply and Delivery of Newspapers, Periodicals and Magazines. Special Group
17 JP/001/T-C2/2020-22 Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Material and Detergent Special Group
18 JP/001/T-D1 /2020-22 Supply and Installation of CCTV Equipment. Open
19 JP/001/T-D2/2020-22 Provision of LAN maintenance services Open
20 JP/001/T-D3/2020-22 Provision of Enterprise IT solution. Open
21 JP/001/T-D4/2020-22 Provision of Bulk SMS Services Open
22 JP/001/T-E1 /2020-22 Provision of Garbage Collection Services. Open
23 JP/001/T-F1/2020-22 Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture, Fittings and Equipment. Open
24 JP/001/T-F2/2020-22 Provision of Office Partitioning, Refurbishment and Furnishings e.g. Curtains and Carpets. Open
25 JP/001/T-F3/2020-22 Supply and Delivery of Office Stationery and toners. Special Group
26 JP/001/T-F4/2020-22 Provision of Repair and Maintenance Services of Telephone Equipment Open
27 JP/001 /T-F5/2020-22 Supply, Installation, Repairs and Maintenance of Photocopier Machines Special Group
28 JP/001/T-G1/2020-22 Hire of Audio Equipment, Public Address System and Related equipment Special Group
29 JP/001 /T-G2/2020-22 Provision of Transport Services (Taxi, Car Hire, Vans and Buses) Open
30 JP/0011T-G3/2020-22 Provision of Event Management Services. Open
31 JP/001/T-G4/2020-22 Provision of Road Show Truck Services. Open
32 JP/001/T-G5/2020-22 Supply and Installation of Street Bill Boards, Open
33 JP/001/T-G6/2020-22 Provision of Media services. Open
34 JP/001/T-H1/2020-22 Provision of Air Ticketing Services (IATA Registered Firms) Open
35 JP/001 /T-J1/2Q20-22 Provision of Helicopter and Fixed Wing Aircraft Services. Open
36 J P/001/T-K1/2020-22 Provision of Generator Fuel, Repair and Maintenance Service. Open
37 JP/001/T-K2/2020-22 Provision of Motor Vehicle Repair and Maintenance. Open
38 JP/001/T-K3/2020-22 Provision of Firefighting and Fire Protection Equipment & Training Services Open
39 JP/001/T-K4/2020-22 Provision of repair and maintenance of Plumbing and Sewerage System services Open
40 JP/001/T-K5/2020-22 Provision of Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Appliance Fittings Open

The complete set of pre-qualification documents may be obtained free of charge by interested applicants from JP Headquarters or by downloading the tender documents from Jubilee Party website: https://jubileepamoja.co.ke.

Duly completed pre-qualification tender documents enclosed in plain sealed envelope clearly marked “Tender Ref No” .for “Tender Name”          …..” should be returned to: –


P.O. Box 37544-00100, Nairobi
Telephone: 0709 175000, 0709 175555

JubileePamoja.co.ke| SMS 30553 | #Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee House, Pangani Interchange, Exit 3, Thika Road

And be deposited in the Tender Box situated at the entrance of Ground Floor, Jubilee House, Pangani Interchange, Exit 3, Thika Road, Nairobi on or before 22nd October, 2020 at 11.00am. Late submission will not be accepted. Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of Bidders or their representatives who choose to attend at the Boardroom Ground Floor, Jubilee House.

Jubilee Party reserves the right to accept or reject the bidding document in whole or in part without giving reasons for rejection or acceptance.