The KWANZA NG-CDF invites applications for pre-qualification from interested eligible bidders for supply of under listed goods, Works and services ‘as and when required basis’ for the financial years 2022-2024 for a period ending 31st DECEMBE 2024

KWA/NG-CDF/001/136/2022-2024 Supply and deliver of cleaning materials & detergents AGPO
KWA/NG-CDF/002/136/2022-2024 Supply and delivery of petrol, oils & lubricants and diesel All
KWA/NG-CDF/003/136/2022-2024 Supply and delivery of stationery & computer accessories AGPO
KWA/NG-CDF/004/136/2022-2024 Supply and delivery of motor tyres,tubes and batteries All
KWA/NG-CDF/005/136/2022-2024 Prequalification for building construction and rehabilitation work All
KWA/NG-CDF/006/136/2022-2024 Prequalification for supply of office/schools furniture & fittings % All
KWA/NG-CDF/007/136/2022-2024 Prequalification for supply of sports kits & sports equipment All
KWA/NG-CGF/008/136/2022-2024 Prequalification to supply of schools laboratory equipments All
KWA/NG-CDF/009/136/2022-2024 Prequalification for provision of internet and networking services All
KWA/NG-CDF/010/136/2022-2024 Prequalification for provision of legal services All
KWA/NG-CDF/011/136/2022-2024 Prequalification for provision of general organizational development consultancy services and strategic plans. All
KWA/NG-CDF/012/136/2022-2024 Prequalification for drilling of boreholes, water piping, steel tank erection and related works. All
KWA/NG-CDF/013/136/2022-2024 Prequalification for supply of computers, photocopies and other ICT equipments All
KWA/NG-CDF/014/136/2022-2024 Prequalification for provision of hire of transport and car hire services All
KWA/NG-CDF/015/136/2022-2024 Prequalification for maintenance, repair and servicing of computers, laptops, photocopiers. AGPO
KWA/NG-CDF/016/136/2022-2024 Prequalification for repairs and servicing of GK motor vehicles/cycles All
KWA/NG-CDF/017/136/2022-2024 Prequalification for supply of spare parts for motor vehicle/cycles *M\
KWA/NG-CDF/018/136/2022-2024 Prequalification for provision of hotel conference and accommodation services All
KWA/NG-CDF/019/136/2022-2024 Prequalification for provision of printing and photocopying services AGPO
KWA/NG-CDF/020/136/2022-2024 Prequalification of suppliers of tree seedlings AGPO
KWA/NG-CDF021/136/2022-2024 Prequalification for building and Renovation works[N.C.A.7and above. AGPO
KWA/NG-CDF022/136/2022-2024 Provision for driving/motor bike riding training service All
KWA/NG-CDF023/136/2022-2024 Provision for web designing and maintainance All
KWA/NG-CDF024/136/2022-2024 Provision for NG-CDF signage and project labeling AGPO

Interested eligible bidders may obtain tender documents from NG-CDF Office at Kwanza constituency.

All applicants MUST attach relevant documents.

  1. Certified Copy of VAT and PIN registration Certificate
  2. Certified Copy of business registration Certificate/certificate of incorporation
  3. Certified Copy of current single business permit.
  4. Certified Copy of valid KRA tax compliance certificate.
  5. Certified copy and current CR12
  6. Proof of past work experience/of similar nature with completion certificate
  7. Copy of valid registration at least NCA7, RC or AGPO certificate where applicable.

Interested special groups[ women,youth,and persons with disability] must attached AGPO Certificates

Completed tender documents to be submitted in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with the name of the item applied must be deposited in the tender box at NG-CDF.Kwanza constituency on or before 30th /3/2023 at after which pre-qualification documents shall be open in the presence of the bidders or their representatives

Alternatively, applications can be channel through the address given below. Any late application shall rejected.

The above Reserved Tenders will be given preference to youths, women and persons living with disability With AGPO Certificates FUND ACCOUNT MANAGER


P.0 BOX 2015-30200,


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