I&M Bank was founded in 1974 as a financial services company and later converted to a commercial bank. It is now a wholly owned subsidiary of I&M Group PLC, a public company listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE). I&M Group with a long-standing presence in the Kenyan market. The Group offers a full range of ranking and financial services covering Corporate, Business and Personal Banking, Wealth Management, Bancassurance and Advisory Services with a presence scanning across 5 countries in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Mauritius through a joint venture with CIEL Group (Bank One).    ,

I&M Group PLC is regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya, Capital Markets Authority of Kenya and the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

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2.       Supply of Seals, Paper Bags, Bags for Cash-In-Transit, Canvas Mail Bags with Metallic D-Locks and Repair of Canvas Mail Bags
3.       Supply and Maintenance of Security Systems Access Control
4.       Supply and Maintenance of intruder Alarm
5.       Supply and Maintenance of CCTV Systems
6.       Supply of General Office Stationery (Thermal Rolls, Rubber Stamps, Toners and Company Seals)
7.       Supply of Drinking Water
8.       Supply of Fresh Milk
9.       Supply of Asset Tagging Bar Codes
10.     Supply of Newspapers
11.     Supply of Groceries and Cleaning Materials (Toiletries, Detergents etc)
12.     Supply of Branded Merchandise (Apparel)
13.     Supply of Branded Promotional Items
14.     Supply of Branded Corporate Gift Items and Customer Gift Hampers
15.     Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Internal and External Branding Signage
16.     Supply of Event Management Equipment and Items (Public Address/Audio Visual, DJ Equipment)
17.     Provision of Events Management Services (Events Setup, Tents, Decor, Lighting & Staging Services)
18.     Supply of Branding Materials (Internal and External Branding Material)
19.     Supply of Furniture, Fittings and Furnishings
20.     Supply and Maintenance of Firefighting Equipment and Fire Suppression Systems
21.     Supply and Maintenance of Air Conditioners
22.     Supply and Maintenance of Generators
23.     Supply and Maintenance of UPS Machines, Inverters and AVRs
24.     Supply and Maintenance of Safes, Fire Resistant Cabinets and Strong Room Doors
25.     Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Lifts and Elevators
26.     Supply of LPG, Fuel Cards and Motor Vehicle Fuel (Petrol and Diesel)
27.     Supply and Maintenance of Banking Operations Equipment (Note Sorters, Note Counters, Cheque Scanners, Printers etc.)
28.     Supply and Maintenance of Computers, Tablets and Related Accessories
29.     Supply of Computer Software and Licenses (Gold Partners and above) e.g. Microsoft Office
30.     Supply and Maintenance of Telecommunication Equipment (Routers, PBAX etc.)
31.     Supply of Electrical Items and Accessories
32.     Supply of Plumbing items and Accessories
33.     Supply and Maintenance of ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines
34.     Supply and Maintenance of Queue Management Systems and Digital Signage
35.     Supply and Maintenance of Datacenter Computer Systems
36.     Supply and Maintenance of Storage Systems
37.     Supply and Maintenance of LAN And WAN Equipment
38.     Supply and Maintenance of Network Firewalls and Security Systems
39.     Supply of Datacenter Accessories
40.     Provision of Internet Services (Fiber, Wireless and Data Links)
41.     Provision of Leased Printers and Copiers
42.     Provision of Security Documents Printing Services (MICR)
43.     Provision of Information Technology (IT) Consultancy Services (Developers. Network Engineers and Infrastructure)
44.     Provision of Architects and Interior Design Services
45.     Provision of Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Consultancy Services
46.     Provision of Quantity Surveyors Services
47.     Prevision of Environmental Impact Assessment Services
48.     Provision of Cleaning, Fumigation and Sanitary Services
49.     Provision of Car Hire Services Including Taxis, Buses and Minibuses
50.     Provision of Canteen 8c Catering Services
51.     Provision of Air Travel Services
52.     Provision of Hotel Bookings Accommodation, Conferencing and Training Facilities
53.     Provision of Transport Services and Professional Relocation
54.     Provision of International Courier Services
55.     Provision of Local Courier, Messenger, and Mail Bag Services
56.     Provision of Cash in Transit Services (CIT)
57.     Provision of Clearing and Forwarding Services
58.     Provision of Events Management Agency Services
59.     Provision of Motor Vehicle Repairs and Maintenance Services
60.     Provision of Garbage Collection and Waste Management Services
61.     vision of Occupational Health and Safety Audit (OSHA) Services
62.     Provision of Energy Audit Services
63.     Provision of Motor Vehicle Asset Tracking Services
64.     Provisions of Customer Survey Services
65.     Provision of Bulk SMS Services
66.     Provision of Experiential Marketing, Roadshows, Direct Marketing and On-Ground Activation Agency Services
67.     Provision of Event Audio Visual Management Services
68.     Pre vision of Video Production and Editing Services (Animation and Motion Graphics)
69.     Provision of Photography and Videography Services
70.     Provision of Research Services (Marketing, Strategy and Customer Experience)
71.     Provision of Outdoor Signage and Rental Services (Pylons and Directional Signage)
72.     Provision of Audio-Visual Studio Design, Production (Build) and Editing Services
73.     Provision. of Training Services
74.     Provision of HR Consultancy Services
75.     Provision of Employee Background Checks Services
76.     Provision of Recruitment Agency Services
77.     Provision of Security Guarding Services
78.     Disposal of Electronic Waste Services (Computer Hardware, Software and Telephone Equipment)
79.     Provision of Major Building Construction Works
80.     Provision of Masonry and Plumbing Works Contractors
81.     Provision of Electrical Fittings and Electrical Repair Services contractors
82.     Provision of Minor Repairs Works for Premises
83.     Provision of General Contractors and Office Fit Outworks

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