Tenders are invited from interested and legible bidders for supply/ provision of goods, works and services “As and When requested basis to National Government Departments and Institutions within Machakos County for Financial Year 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 ending 30th June, 2022

MKS/C0U/01/2020-2021,2021-2022 Supply & delivery of dry foods, fresh fruits and vegetables OPEN
MKS/COU/02/2020-2021,2021-2022 Supply & delivery of meat, chicken and eggs, OPEN
MKS/C0U/03/2020-2021,2021-2022 Supply & delivery of Farm inputs, animal feeds, veterinary drugs and Human medical drugs. OPEN
MKS/COU/04/2020-2021,2021-2022 Supply & delivery of petrol, oils, lubricants, LPG gas and wood fuel OPEN
MKS/C0U/05/2020-2021,2021-2022 Supply & delivery of detergents & cleaning materials. Youth, Women and PWD
MKS/COU/06/2020-2021,2021-2022 Supply & delivery of natural building materials, cement, timber and paints OPEN
MKS/C0U/07/2020-2021,2021-2022 Supply & delivery of hardware materials, hand tools & water tanks. OPEN
MKS/C0U/08/2020-2021,2021-2022 Supply & delivery of stationery & assorted cartridges. Youth, Women and PWD
MKS/C0U/09/2020-2021,2021-2022 Supply and delivery of hair dressing and beauty therapy materials & equipment Youth, Women and PWD
MKS/C0U/10/2020-2021,2021-2022 Supply and delivery of uniform and Protective equipment. Youth, Women and PWD
MKS/C0U/11/2020-2021,2021-2022 Supply & delivery of meals for suspects in Police custody. [open
M KS/C0U/12/2020-2021,2021-2022 Provision of security services [open
MKS/C0U/13/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification of contractors for supply and delivery of pipes, fittings & electrical appliances. OPEN
MKS/C0U/14/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification of contractors for supply of office equipment, computers, printers and accessories. ‘OPEN
MKS/C0U/15/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification of contractors for repair of office machines, computers and photocopiers Youth, Women and PWD
MKS/C0U/16/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification of contractors for repair and service of GK vehicles, motor cycles, plant & equipment and assorted accessories. OPEN
MKS/C0U/17/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification of contractors for works maintenance & renovation of government buildings. OPEN
MKS/C0U/18/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification for contractors for building construction, water works & boreholes. OPEN
MKS/C0U/19/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification for training materials and services Youth, Women and PWD
MKS/C0U/20/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification for supply of chemicals OPEN
MKS/C0U/21/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification for supply of assorted furniture. Youth, Women and PWD
MKS/C0U/22/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification for supply & delivery of spare parts for GK Vehicles, motor cycles, plant & machinery. OPEN
MKS/COU/23/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification for supply and delivery of motor vehicle batteries, Tyres and tubes. OPEN
M KS/C0U/24/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification for supply and delivery of catering and event management services Youth, Women and PWD
MKS/C0U/25/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification for the provision of driving lessons OPEN
MKS/C0U/26/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification for the supply and delivery of motorbikes and posho mills OPEN
MKS/C0U/27/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification for the Supply and delivery of tents Youth, women and PWD
MKS/C0U/28/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification for the Supply and delivery of plastics chairs and umbrellas Youth, Women and PWD
MKS/C0U/29/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification for the Supply and delivery of chicks Youth, Women and PWD
MKS/C0U/3Q/2020-2021,2021-2022 Prequalification for the contractors for of asbestos for disposal OPEN

Tender documents with detailed specifications may be obtained from respective Deputy County Commissioners Supply Chain Management Offices, upon payment of a Non-refundable fee of Kshs.1,000 (One Thousand shillings] in cash at the Sub- County Treasury, OR, banker’s cheque payable to The Deputy County Commissioners of the respective sub-counties.

Interested and legible bidders MUST attach copies of:-

  1.             Certificate off Business Registration and/or Incorporation.
  2.             VAT& PIN Certificates,

      iii.            Valid Tax Compliance certificate

  1.             Valid business permit
  2.             Certificate of Registration from the Directorate of Procurement under AGPO.
  3.             Valid NCA certificates for the construction works.

   vii.            CR12 for the companies and copy of ID for the sole proprietor

Prices quoted MUST be net inclusive of all applicable taxes and must remain valid for 120 days from the closing date of tender.

Completed tender documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked, “Tender No “addressed to the DEPUTY COUNTY COMMISSIONER of the respective sub -counties as shown above and be deposited in the Tender Boxes provided so as to be received on or before 26/8/2020 at 11:00am. Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of bidders or their representatives who may wish to attend at each Deputy County Commissioner’s.

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