The College invites sealed applications from interested, competent and eligible firms for prequalification of suppliers for supply and delivery of goods, works and services for Financial Year 2023/2024/2025 under the following categories.

A)     GOODS
1.         KTTC 1/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of Cereals; Dry Maize, Beans & Green grams Open
2.         KTTC 2/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of food stuff; Rice, Maize flour, Sugar, Tealeaves, Milk, Cocoa, Cooking oil, Salt, Mineral water, Blue band Open
3.         KTTC 3/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of fresh meat Open
4.         KTTC 4/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of Fresh vegetables Special Groups
5.         KTTC 5/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of fruits; Bananas, mangoes or Oranges Special Groups
6.         KTTC 6/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of fresh Bread Open
7.         KTTC 7/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of dry firewood Open
8.         KTTC 8/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of  Detergents, Disinfectants & heavy duty cleaning materials Special Groups
9.         KTTC 9/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of  Human Drugs/Pharmaceuticals Open
10.     KTTC 10/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of Hardware  Materials Open
11.     KTTC 11/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of Stationeries & general learning materials Open
12.     KTTC 12/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of Electronics and Electrical Materials Open
13.     KTTC 13/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of  Kitchen Equipment & Utensils Open
14.     KTTC 14/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of Games Equipment and Sport Uniforms Open
15.     KTTC 15/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of vehicle tyres, spare parts, fuel and lubricants Open
16.     KTTC 16/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of Furniture Open
17.     KTTC 17/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of ICT Accessories and Computers Open
18.     KTTC 18/2023/2024 Supply and Delivery of Fire Extinguishers & Servicing Open
19.     KTTC 19/2023/2024 Provision of security services Open
20.     KTTC 20/2023/2024 Provision of Repairs and maintenance for ICT Equipment Special Groups
21.     KTTC 21/2023/2024 Provision of printing and photocopying services Open
22.     KTTC 22/2023/2024 Provision of Internet Services/Maintenance of Local Area Network & Website Open
23.     KTTC 23/2023/2024 Provision of repair and maintenance of college motor vehicles Open
24.     KTTC 24/2023/2024 Provision of fumigation, pest control services Open
25.     KTTC 25/2023/2024 Provision and Delivery of Borehole equipment & Servicing Open
26.     KTTC 26/2023/2024 Provision and Installation of CCTV Cameras Open
27.     KTTC 27/2023/2024 Provision and Delivery of College Vehicle Insurance Cover Open
28.     KTTC 28/2023/2024 Provision of Building, Electrical, Plumbing, and Repair Works Open

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