The African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC] is the continent’s premier research and policy organization, exploring population, health, and well-being questions. It is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. APHRC wishes to prequalify suppliers from competent organizations for the provision of goods, works, and services for the period 2024-2025.

APHRC 2024-25/1 Supply, installation, and maintenance of structured cabling, and wireless network
APHRC 2024-25/2 Supply, installation, and maintenance of fire alarm systems and fire suppression systems
APHRC 2024-25/3 Supply, installation, and maintenance of CCTV system, access control, Vehicle surveillance system, and related accessories
APHRC 2024-25/4 Supply, installation, and maintenance of audio-visual equipment, projectors, projector screens, sound systems, video conferencing systems, etc
APHRC 2024-25/5 Supply, installation, and maintenance of telecommunication systems headphones etc.
APHRC 2024-25/6 Supply, installation, and maintenance of air-conditioning and refrigeration
APHRC 2024-25/7 Supply of signage, both indoor and outdoor
APHRC 2024-25/8 Supply of protective health and safety equipment, supplies, clothing (masks, and PRE)
APHRC 2024-25/9 Supply of pharmaceutical, non-pharmaceutical, and other medical-related supplies
APHRC 2024-25/10 Supply of laboratory equipment, reagents, and consumables
APHRC 2024-25/11 Supply of office and conference furniture, furnishings, and fittings
APHRC 2024-25/12 Supply, maintenance, and servicing of gym equipment and accessories
APHRC 2024-25/13 Supply of general office stationery
APHRC 2024-25/14 Supply of genuine HP toners and cartridges (HP approved only]
APHRC 2024-25/15 Supply of electrical, and electronic items, appliances, fittings and accessories
APHRC 2024-25/16 Supply of detergents, disinfectants and Hand sanitizers, toiletries – tissue papers, hand towels and cleaning materials
APHRC 2024-25/17 Supply of computers, computer hardware and software, UPS’s, laptops, and other ICT-related equipment & accessories
APHRC 2024-25/18 Supply of Mac books andtablets – iMAC authorized resellers
APHRC 2024-25/19 Supply of bulk pasteurized milk
APHRC 2024-25/20 Supply of bottled water, water dispensers and dispensing materials
APHRC 2024-25/21 Supply of beverage including coffee, drinking chocolate, sugar etc
APHRC 2024-25/22 Supply of kitchen equipment, cutlery, crockery and appliances
APHRC 2024-25/23 Supply of hardware items for repairs (electrical, plumbing, carpentry, masonry]
APHRC 2024-25/24 Repair and maintenance services of generators, power stabilizers, pumps and motors
APHRC 2024-25/25 Repair and maintenance of office equipment, furniture & fittings
APHRC 2024-25/26 Provision of transport, taxi hire and car hire services
APHRC 2024-25/27 Provision of management consultancy services in research, performance contracting, job evaluation
APHRC 2024-25/28 Provision of management consultancy services including baseline/end line surveys and strategic planning.
APHRC 2024-25/29 Provision of general contractors for (renovations, partitioning and extensions, repairs, paint, plumbing and minor civil works
APHRC 2024-25/30 Provision of general contractors for major works – Civil works
APHRC 2024-25/31 Provision of general contractors for major works -Plumbing works
APHRC 2024-25/32 Provision of general contractors for major works – Electrical works
APHRC 2024-25/33 Provision of general contractors for major works – Air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation, refrigeration, cold rooms and clean rooms
APHRC 2024-25/34 Supply of building and construction materials
APHRC 2024-25/35 Supply of general electrical and electronic supplies & accessories
APHRC 2024-25/36 Provision of security services including guarding, dog patrols and security survey.
APHRC 2024-25/37 Provision of property and asset valuation- and verification services (property, land and motor vehicles]
APHRC 2024-25/38 Provision of photography and videography services
APHRC 2024-25/39 Provision of motor vehicle servicing and repairs (Garages]
APHRC 2024-25/40 Provision of travel agency services; air ticketing, tour and travel services – IATA registered only
APHRC 2024-25/41 Provision of lift inspection services- Government approved inspectors
APHRC 2024-25/42 Provision of legal services
APHRC 2024-25/43 Provision of landscaping and ground maintenance services
APHRC 2024-25/44 Provision of Internet services
APHRC 2024-25/45 Provision of hotel, accommodation and conference and catering services – Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Naivasha, Garissa, Homa-bay, Nanyuki, Nyeri, Kakamega, Nakuru, Eldoret, Machakos, Kisii, Migori, Kakuma, Garissa, Kilifi, Turkana
APHRC 2024-25/46 Provision of general cleaning services
APHRC 2024-25/47 Provision of fumigation, pest control, garbage collection and solid waste management
APHRC 2024-25/48 Provision of event management services (tents & chairs, decorations, and public address etc]
APHRC 2024-25/49 Provision of courier services
APHRC 2024-25/50 Provision of clearing and forwarding services
APHRC 2024-25/51 Provision of board training consultancy services
APHRC 2024-25/52 Provision of public speaking training services
APHRC 2024-25/53 Provision of team building and training services
APHRC 2024-25/54 Provision of audit services
APHRC 2024-25/55 Provision of tax advisory services
APHRC 2024-25/56 Provision for staff medical insurance brokerage services
APHRC 2024-25/57 Provision of brokerage services for general and motor vehicle insurance, group life, group personal accident & WIBA
APHRC 2024-25/58 Supply of branded merchandise (banners, t-shirts, caps, umbrellas, notebooks, pens, bags, etc]
APHRC 2024-25/59 Provision of printing services (annual report, organizational profile, capability statements etc]
APHRC 2024-25/60 Provision of communication consultancy services including strategy development, media liaison, stakeholder mapping, copywriting and editing
APHRC 2024-25/61 Provision of pension scheme administrator services
APHRC 2024-25/62 Provision and servicing of audio-visual equipment (audio, photography and videography]

The pre-qualification process will be done online via SRMhub

Interested suppliers should access and register on under APHRC. More information about the prequalification exercise and application process shall be available on the supplier’s dashboard and on the website.

Access to the prequalification shall be granted upon payment of a non-refundable tender fee of KES 2,000.00 per category. The payment method is M-PESA, Paybill Business Number 529 353, Account Number is Supplier’s Company. Send an email indicating the M-PESA reference code, your name, and company to

All existing suppliers are required to participate alongside prospective suppliers in order to be evaluated and considered. The tender closes on 27th November 2023, at 5pm EAT.

The African Population and Health Research Center [APHRC], reserves the right to accept or reject any bid in whole or in part at its discretion. All participants who duly complete the tender process online will be notified of the outcome. SRMhub platform is secure, transparent and provides an efficient process.

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