Tenders are invited for the supply of goods and services for year from 1st June, 2023 to 30th June, 2024.

  No Description
1.       MSS 01/21 Supply of cleaning materials and all-purpose detergents
2.        MSS 02/21 Supply of Fumigation
3.       MS§ 03/21 Supply of Firefighting equipment and serving
4.       MSS 04/21 Supply of dry firewood
5.        MSS 05/21 Supply of vegetables cabbages, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes
6.       MSS 06/21 Supply of meat
7.        MSS 07/21 Supply of maize meal, rice, sugar, salt, cooking fat, beverages etc.
8.       MSS 08/21 Supply of cereals maize, beans & green grams
9.       MSS 09/21 Supply of stationery – Printed and unprinted stationery
10.     MSS 10/21 Supply of insurance covers [vehicle, staff, students and buildings]
11.     MSS 11/21 Supply of laboratory chemicals & equipments
12.     MSS 12/21 Supply of hardware and bulling materials
13.     MSS 13/21 Supply of sports equipments and  uniform
14.     MSS 14/21 Supply of computer hardware software & servicing
15.     MSS 15/21 Supply of milk
16.     MSS 16/21 Supply of eggs
17.     MSS 17/21  Supply of bread
18.      MSS 18/21 Supply of fruits
19.     MSS 19/21 Supply & servicing of energy saving jikos
20.     MSS 20/21 Supply of clinical drugs and medical equipments
21.     MSS 21/21 Supply of computer cartridges and toners
22.     MSS 22/21 Supply of wielding works
23.     MSS 23/21 Supply of Electrical accessories & maintenance
24.     MSS 24/21 Supply of Painting works
25.     MSS 25/21 Supply of text books
26.     MSS 26/21 Supply of staff uniform

Quotation should include cost of delivery and V.A.T.

Tender documents can be obtained from the accounts office upon payment of a Nonrefundable fee of Ksh.1000.00 per document. Sealed envelope .marked with “Tender No” should be placed in the Tender Box on or before 9.00am Wednesday 21st June 2023 provided at the school in the waiting bay in the administration block and addressed to:

The Chairman, Tender Committee,
Mururia Secondary School,

P.O. Box 95-01030, GATUNDU.

Opening of tender will be on Thursday 22nd  June 2023 at 10.00 am.

Tenderers or their representatives can attend.

NB: The school reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in whole or in part without giving any reason and does not bind itself to accepting the lowest or any tender.

Chairman – Tender Committee

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