Tender Notice for registration of suppliers & contractors for various categories of goods, works & services for the period 1st July, 2021 – 30th June, 2023.

KCO/CTY/1/2021-2023 Supply & Delivery of dry food ration
KCO/CTY/2/2021-2023 Supply & Delivery of vegetables, fruits and animal products.
KCO/CTY/3/2021-2023 Supply & Delivery petroleum products, oils and lubricants
KCO/CTY/4/2021-2023 Supply & Delivery general office stationery and computer accessories
KCO/CTY/5/2021-2023 Supply & Delivery of office machines, computers, Laptop and Photocopiers
KCO/CTY/6/2021-2023 Supply & Delivery of cleaning materials and detergents
KCO/CTY/7/2021-2023 Supply & Delivery of construction and building materials Timber & Timber products
KCO/CTY/8/2021-2023 Supply & Delivery of Hardware items, Paints and thinners, pipes and pipe fittings
KCO/CTY/9/2021-2023 Supply & Delivery of Electrical items
KCO/CTY/10/2021-2023 Supply & Delivery of wood fuel
KCO/CTY/11/2021-2023 Supply & Delivery of motor vehicle & Motor Cycle Batteries, Tvres, Tubes & spare parts
KCO/CTY/12/2021-2023 Registration of Contractors for Supply & Delivery of pharmaceuticals and Non-pharmaceuticals
KCO/CTY/13/2021-2023 Registration of Contractors for Supply & Delivery of Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals.
KCO/CTY/14/2021-2023 Registration of Contractors for Supply & Delivery of Uniforms
KCO/CTY/15/2021-2023 Provision of Agrovet goods and services
KCO/CTY/16/2021-2023 Registration of Contractors for repair & servicing of Government Motor Vehicles and Motor Cycles.
KCO/CTY/17/2021-2023 Registration of Contractors for building, maintenance, repairs of Government offices and Estates
KCO/CTY/18/2021-2023 Registration of Contractors for ICT Services maintenance, repairs of office machines and Equipment
KCO/CTY/19/2021-2023 Provision of electrical and plumbing services
KCO/CTY/20/2021- 2023 Registration of Contractors for Supply and delivery of office furniture and Equipment
KCO/CTY/21/2021-2023 Provision of Catering services, Conferencing & Accommodation.
KCO/CTY/22/2021-2023 Provision of Consultancy services

Tender documents with detailed specifications and tendering conditions can be obtained from the Deputy County Commissioners Offices of respective Sub Counties during the normal working hours upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs.l,000/= in cash at the Sub-County Treasury per set of a tender document.

Prices quoted must be NET i.e. inclusive of government taxes applicable and delivery costs and must remain valid for 120 days from date of closing of tenders.

Complete tender document in plain, sealed envelopes clearly marked Tender No. KCO/CTY/……./2021-2023 for……….should be deposited in the

tender box at the entrance of the respective Deputy County Commissioners Offices or addressed and posted to:

Deputy County Commissioner Kericho East     P.0 BOX 19 Kericho

Deputy County Commissioner Kipkelion          P.0 BOX 46 Kipkelion

Deputy County Commissioner Londiani            P.0 BOX 44 Londiani

Deputy County Commissioner Beigut                P.0 BOX 128 Sosiot

Deputy County Commissioner Bureti                 P.0 BOX 744 Litein

Deputy County Commissioner Soin/Sigowet    P.0 BOX 19 Kericho


So as to reach them on or before 5th August, 2021 at 10.00 AM.

Tender documents received will be opened soon after the closing of the tender in the presence of tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend. The Government reserves the right to accept or rejects any tender in part or whole without giving any reason there of and does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tenderer.

Differently able persons, Youth and Women are encouraged to apply.

Note: All other state departments are also included in the tender i.e. NG-CDF and NGAAF      

         : Updating of suppliers will be done bi-annually.