Tenders are hereby invited from eligible firms for supply and delivery of goods. Provision of services or works during the financial year 2023/2024.

1 ETTC/01/2023/24 Supply and delivery of foodstuff – shop groceries – Sugar, Rice, Salad oil, Salt, Milk… Open.
2. ETTC/02/2023/24 Supply and delivery of Bread Open
3. ETTC/03/2023/24 Supply and delivery of Stationery and Tuition material Open
4. ETTC/04/2023/24 Supply and delivery of Clinic drugs and medicine Open
5. ETTC/05/2023/24 Supply and delivery of Beef Open
6. ETTC/06/2023/24 Supply and delivery of Chicken and Eggs AGPO
7. ETTC/07/2023/24 Supply and delivery of Fruits and Vegetables AGPO
8. ETTC/08/2023/24 Supply and delivery of Cereals Open
9. ETTC/09/2023/24 Supply and delivery of Cleaning material AGPO
10. ETTC/10/2023/24 Supply and delivery of Petrol. Oils, Lubricants, Firewood and Charcoal Open
11. ETTC/11/2023/24 Supply and delivery of Staff Uniform AGPO
12. ETTC/12/2023/24 Supply and delivery of Sports Uniform and Equipment Open
13. ETTC/13/2023/24 Supply and delivery of Hardware and Building materials Open
14. ETTC/14/2023/24 Supply and delivery of Electrical material and appliances Open
15. ETTC/15/2023/24 Supply and delivery of Agricultural input, animal feeds, veterinary drugs and vaccines AGPO
16. ETTC/16/2023/24 Supply and delivery of Office equipment, Computers, Printers and accessories Open
17. ETTC/17/2023/24 Provision of Print works AGPO
18. ETTC/18/2023/24 Provision of Fumigation and other Pest control services AGPO
19. ETTC/19/2023/24 Provision for repair of Motor vehicles Open
20. ETTC/20/2023/24 Provision for repair of Plant machinery Open
21. ETTC/21/2023/24 Provision of Sanitary services Open
22. ETTC/22/2023/24 Provision of Insurance Open
23. ETTC/23/2023/24 Provision for repair of office machines and ICT equipment AGPO
24. ETTC/24/2023/24 Supply and maintenance of Fire fighting equipment Open
25. ETTC/25/2023/24 Hire of college shop and provision of photocopying services Open
26. ETTC/26/2023/24 Hire of college caf6 / canteen AGPO
27. ETTC/27/2023/24 Maintenance of CCTV and Biometric gadgets Open
28. ETTC/28/2023/24 Provision of Electrical works and repair AGPO
29. ETTC/29/2023/24 Provision of Security services Open

Tender documents to be obtained from the Procurement office during working hours upon payment of non-refundable fee of ksh.1000.00, deposited on college account number 1103649949 – KCB Kakamega branch.

The documents to be submitted enclosed in plain sealed envelopes marked with CATEGORY NUMBER and NAME, and dropped in the Tender Box at the Administration Block addressed to:

The Chief Principal

St. Augustine Teachers’ Training College – Eregi
P.0 Box 100-50300

So as to be received on or before Wednesday 21ST June, 2023 at 10.00 a.m. Bids will be opened immediately in the presence of their representatives who may choose to attend In the college Boardroom.

Late bids will be rejected.


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