Tenders are invited for the supply of goods and provision of services for the following items for year 2023/2024

S/NO. Tender No. Items Eligibility
1. KMB/1/2023/2024 General cleaning materials Reserved
2. KMB/2/2023/2024 Meat Open
3. KMB/3/2023/2024 Fresh vegetables and fruits Reserved
4. KMB/4/2023/2024 Printed and General stationeries Open
5. KMB/5/2023/2024 Printed and customized Exercise Books Open
6. KMB/6/2023/2024 Supply of cooking fat, tea leaves, cocoa. Reserved
7. KMB/7/2023/2024 Supply of Rice, maize flour and sugar Open
8. KMB/8/2023/2024 Supply of Dry Cereals (Maize, and Beans) Open
9. KMB/9/2023/2024 Dry Firewood (blue gum) . Open
10. KMB/10/2023/2024 Supply of fresh milk Open
II. KMB/11/2023/2024 Laboratory Chemicals and Apparatus Open
12. KMB/12/2023/2024 Electrical Materials and fittings Open
13. KMB/13/2023/2024 Installation and servicing of CCTV systems Reserved
14. KMB/14/2023/2024 Insurance Cover for motor vehicles/ school properties/ students/WIBA Open
15. KMB/15/2023/2024 Security Services Open
16. KMB/16/2023/2024 Computer Accessories and Printer Consumables Open
17. KMB/17/2023/2024 Students, prefects and staffs uniforms Open
18. KMB/18/2023/2024 Supply of beddings Reserved
19. KMB/19/2023/2024 Electrical maintenance services Open
20. KMB/20/2023/2024 Motor vehicle fuel and lubricants Open
21. KMB/21/2023/2024 Provision of Exhauster services Open
22. KMB/22/2023/2024 Repair of furniture and students beds Open
23. KMB/23/2023/2024 Servicing of office machines/Spare parts Open
24. KMB/24/2023/2024 Laboratory equipment repairs and maintenance Open
25. KMB/25/2023/2024 Supply and repair of kitchen equipments Open
26. KMB/26/2023/2024 Sports equipments/ Sports uniforms Open
27. KMB/27/2023/2024 Supply of Bread Open
28. KMB/28/2023/2024 Supply of motor vehicle spare parts/ servicing Open
29. KMB/29/2023/2024 Supply of human drugs Open
30. KMB/30/2023/2024 Servicing/installation of firefighting equipments Open
31. KMB/31/2023/2024 Supply of farm inputs and animal feeds Reserved
32. KMB/32/2023/2024 Supply of hardware building/ plumbing materials and equipment Open
33. KMB/33/2023/2024 Supply of Students/ General office furniture Open
34. KMB/34/2023/2024 Repair, maintenance and servicing of Borehole and Generator Open
35. KMB/3 5/2023/2024 Provision for fumigation services Open

Tender documents containing details of tendering can be obtained from the Accounts office upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Ksh. 1, 000 per set. Price quoted must be inclusive of VAT and other charges attracted by the commodity delivered to the school. Completed tender documents in plain sealed envelopes, clearly indicating the tender number should reach the undersigned by 10.00 Am on 9th June 2023. Opening will be done on the same day at 11.00 Am. NB: The school reserves the right to accept or reject any tender either in whole or in part and is not bound to give reasons for its decision.

The Secretary, BOM,

Kambui Girls High School,

P.O. Box 341-00232,


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