Applications are invited for the supply of goods and services listed below to Sunshine Secondary School for the period: 1n January 2024 to 31st December2024

SSS/1/A1/24 Fresh Milk
SSS/1/A2/24 Chicken
SSS/1/A3/24 Eggs
SSS/1/A4/24 Meat
SSS/1/A5/24 Vegetables and Fruits.
SSS/1/A6/24 Cereals [beans, maize ,rice, green grams & millet flour]
SSS/1/A7/24 Dry food. [Sugar, flour, Tea leaves, salt, cooking fat]
SSS/2/B1/24 Cleaning material and Detergents.
SSS/3/C1/24 Firewood
SSS/4/D1/24 Electricals and fittings
SSS/4/D2/24 Hardware [plumbing, paints and building materials!
SSS/5/E1/24 Sanitation and fumigation services.
SSS/6/F1/24 Staff uniforms and other Room decor.
SSS/7/G1/24 Supply of fuels, lubricants. Gas.
SSS/7/G2/24 Motor vehicle repair & services
SSS/8/H1/24 Supply of Office stationery
SSS/8/H2/24 Printing of exercise books, envelopes, photography, videography, designing and other stationery.
SSS/8/H3/24 Supply of Toners and ink cartridges.
SSS/9/IV 24 Laboratory chemicals and Equipment.
SSS/10/K1/24 Supply of Sports & Games equipment.
SSS/14/L1/24 Service of Swimming & supply of pool chemicals and equipment.
SSS/15/M1/24 Hire of tents, chairs and decorations
SSS/1B/N1/24 Supply and delivery of pharmaceuticals
SSS/17/P1/24 Supply and delivery of computers and accessories
SSS/17/P2//24 Provision of CCTV services and accessories.
SSS/1B/QI/24 Supply and delivery of text books
SSS/19/R1/24 Service and repair of bakery equipment’s
SSS/20/S1/24 Service and repair of fire extinguishers & horse rills
SSS/21/T1/24 Supply of furniture. Beds and mattress.
SSS/22/U1/24 Provision of building/ carpentry and painting works
SSS/23/VI/24 Provision of electric fence repair and services
SSS/24/W1/24 Provision of staff medical cover services.
SSS/24/W2/24 Provision of Insurance services.[Motor vehicles, Fire & allied perils[buildings], public liability, W.I.B.A Plus Fidelity Guarantee & Money Insurance.
SSS/24/W3/24 Staff group life assurance & Students personal accident cover
SSS/25/Y1/24 Provision of security services.
SSS/26/Z1/24 Provision of garbage collection services
SSS/l/HR/24 HR Trainings/consultancy services (training, recruitment, policy & strategy review]
SSS/2/HR/24 Statutory trainings (OSHA, fire safety & first aid]
SSS/2/HR/24 Statutory audits [NEMA.OSHA]

Tender documents with detailed specifications can be obtained from Procurement Office on a non-refundable fee of ksh.2000 except insurance services which is ksh. 3000 per tender document payable at accounts office pay bill No 329888 A/C Tenders 2024. Completed tender document in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked ‘Tender

reference Ho   should be addressed to:

The secretary

Tender committee

Sunshine Secondary School

P.O. Box 56890-00200


Web site:

Or be dropped in the tender box at the reception office, on or before Tuesday 24th October 2023 at 4.00 p.m. Tenders will be opened the next day 12.30p.m at the school Resource Centre in presence of the tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend.

Sunshine Secondary School reserves the right to accept or reject any tender either wholly or in part and is not bound to give reasons for the same.


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