Tenders are invited from interested and eligible suppliers for the supply and delivery of goods and services for the year starting 1st  July 2024- 30th  June 2025.


Tender No: Item Description Eligibility
KGSS/0124/25 Supply of Maize & beans Open
KGSS/02/24/25 Supply of sugar, cooking oil, cooking fat, salt & yeast Open
KGSS/03/24/25 Supply of Maize flour & wheat flour Open
KGSS/04 /24/25 Supply of Rice Open
KGSS/05/24/25 Supply of Tealeaves Reserved
KGSS/06/24/25 Supply of Meat (Beef on bone) Open
KGSS/07/24/25 Supply of Fresh Milk Reserved
KGSS/08/24/25 Supply of Eggs Reserved
KGSS/09/24/25 Supply of Vegetables [Cabbages,/24/25onions, tomatoes & carrots] Open
KGSS/10/24/25 Supply of Fruits [Ripe bananas) Reserved
KGSS/11/ 24/25 Supply of Firewood Open
KGSS/12/24/25 Supply of Stationery, Exercise books & printing materials Open
KGSS/13/24/25 Supply of Science equipments laboratory chemicals. Open
KGSS/14/24/25 Servicing of school vehicles Open
KGSS/15/24/25 Supply of Shop Items (sodas, tissues, water, soaps, serviettes, toothpicks, bar soaps etc] Open
KGSS/16/24/25 Supply of Fuel for 2 school vehicles & generator. Open
KGSS/17/24/25 Supply of consumables for computers office machines tonners& inks servicing. Reserved
KGSS/18/24/25 Supply of firefighting equipments service Reserved
KGSS/19/24/25 Supply of electrical materials S services Open
KGSS/20/24/25 Provision of sanitary services Open
KGSS/21/24/25 Supply of hardware material Open
KGSS/22/24/25 Supply of jikos Repair S service Open
KGSS/23/24/25 CCTV& biometrics supply, repairs S service Reserved
KGSS/24/24/25 Supply of quarry material Open
KGSS/25/24/25 Supply of cleaning materials (hand brushes, sweeping brooms &detergents S disinfectants) Reserved

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