TENDER NOTICE-2022/2023 

Tenders are invited for supply and delivery of goods and services for the year 2022/2023.

1.       KUHS/01/2022/2023 Supply of dry maize and dry beans
2.       KUHS/02/2022/2023 Supply of rice, maize flour, sugar, cooking fat and salt
3.       KUHS/03/2022/2023 Supply of split firewood
4.       KUHS/04/2022/2023 Supply of fresh meat-steak/ boneless
5.       KUHS/05/2022/2023 Supply of cabbages, potatoes, onions, carrots and tomatoes
6.       KUHS/06/2022/2023 Supply of bread
7.       KUHS/07/2022/2023 Supply of Fresh Milk
8.       KUHS/08/2022/2023 Supply of eggs
9.       KUHS/09/2022/2023 Supply of tea leaves
10.     KUHS/10/2022/2023 Supply of printed exercise books
11.     KUHS/11/2022/2023 Supply of Office stationery
12.     1 KUHS/12/2022/2023 Supply of computer cartridges and toners
13.     KUHS/13/2022/2023 Supply of Students’ Uniform and Staff Uniform
14.     KUHS/14/2022/2023 Supply of Clinical Drugs
15.     KUHS/15/2022/2023 Supply of Games/Sports Equipment
16.     KUHS/16/2022/2023 Supply of Security Services
17.     KUHS/17/2022/2023 Supply of Fruits
18.     KUHS/18/2022/2023 Supply of Cleaning Materials and Detergents
19.     KUHS/19/2022/2023 Supply of School furniture
20.     KUHS/20/2022/2023 Supply of Laboratory Services and Repairs
21.     KUBS/2V2022/2023 Supply of Repair and Replacement of Kitchen facilities
22.     KUHS/22/2022/2023 Supply of Servicing of fire Equipment
23.     KUHS/23/2022/2023 Masonry works and repairs
24.     KUHS/24/2022/2023 Supply of School vehicles repairs and services
25.     KUHS/25/2022/2023 Supply of Fueling of school vehicles and generator
26.     KUHS/26/2022/2023 Supply of Insurance: I)School Vehicles (ii) School property
27.     KUHS/27/2022/2023 Supply and Servicing of CCTV Cameras, Biometric clock in System
28.     KUHS/28/2022/2023 Supply of Generator and water pump services repair
29.     KUHS/29/2022/2023 Supply of Laboratory Chemicals and Equipment
30.     KUHS/30/2022/2023 Supply of Building materials: General Hardware Items, Sand, Ballast
31.     KUHS/31/2022/2023 Supply of Computer and Office Machines: Services and Replacements
32.     KUHS/32/2022/2023 Supply of Teaching/ Learning Materials and Aids
33.     KUHS/33/2022/2023 Supply of General repair and paintwork

Tender documents can be obtained from the accounts office during working hours upon payment of Non-refundable fee of Ksh. 1000.Prices quoted must be inclusive of VAT and other charges attracted by The commodity where applicable. Completed tender forms in plain sealed envelope marked

TENDER NO….  should be dropped in the tender box at the




P.0 BOX 100-00902


Tenders shall be opened on 29th Aug 2022 at 9.00 Am and binders or their authorized representatives are Free to attend. The school reserves the right to accept or reject any tender either in whole or in part and is not bound to accept the lowest or any tender or give reasons to its decision.

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