Tenders are invited for the supply of goods and provision of services for the financial year 2024/2025.

Tender No. Description Eligibility
KSS01/2024/2025 Supply & delivery of groceries i.e. cabbage, tomatoes, onions & carrots. Reserved
KSS02/2024/2025 Supply & delivery of dry maize & beans. Reserved
KSS03/2024/2025 Supply & delivery of rice Open
KSS04/2024/2025 Supply & delivery of Stationeries Reserved
KSS05/2024/2025 Supply & delivery of laboratory equipment. Open
KSS06/2024/2025 Supply & delivery of tonners & cartridges [Genuine only] Open
KSS07/2024/2025 Supply & delivery of printed exercise books FA41 Open
KSS08/2024/2025 Supply & delivery of meat. Open
KSS09/2024/2025 Supply, installation & maintenance of CCTV Cameras, Biometric systems & intercoms. Reserved
KSS10/2024/2025 Supply & delivery of hardware, building & plumbing materials. Open
KSS 11/2024 /2025 Supply & delivery of computers, computer accessories & servicing. Open
KSS12/2024 /2025 Provision of internet connectivity & networking services. Open
KSS13/2024 /2025 Provision of insurance cover for school vehicles. Open
KSS 14/2024/2025 Provision of insurance cover for school workers [WIBA] & students. Open
KSS15/2024 /2025 Provision of insurance cover for school assets & Buildings.  
KSS16/2024/2025 Supply & delivery of games uniforms & equipment’s. Open
KSS17/2024/2025 Supply & delivery of staff & prefects uniforms. Reserved
KSS18/2024/2025 Maintaining & refilling of firefighting equipment’s. Open
KSS19/2024/2025 Supply of a student’s metallic desks & chairs/ DH tables/ lab stools & benches. Open
KSS20/2023/2025 Supply & delivery of assorted shop items. Open
KSS 21/2024 /2025 Provision & maintaining of examination management system. Open
KSS 22/2024/2025 Supply & delivery of photo printer ink, master rolls, cartridges & tonners [Genuine only] Open
KSS23/2024/2025 Supply, Repair &. Maintenance of office machines Open

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