Document Release Date: 8th July 2024.
Last Date for Receipt of Proposals: 22nd July 2024


1.0  Introduction

Safaricom PLC, the leading mobile services provider in Kenya, boasts a steadily growing subscriber base. The company is consistently expanding and upgrading its systems and processes to align with the evolving needs of its customers. In pursuit of this objective, Safaricom continually seeks partnerships with competent and reputable suppliers and service providers to fulfill various requirements.


To this end, Safaricom intends to engage reputable suppliers for the supply of resources to work in the Service Operation Center (SOC), Enterprise Business Units and Fixed Customer Solutions. Safaricom is therefore soliciting Expressions of Interest (EOI) from interested qualified suppliers.


2.0  Scope

The scope of the solution will constitute but not limited to:

  1. a)Supply of technical resources to support Safaricom’s SOC, Enterprise Business Unit and Fixed Customer Solutions.
  2. b)The resources must be equipped with the required skills to be able to support Safaricom Service Operations Centre and offer dispatching services to Fixed and Enterprise units.


The full details of the scope will be provided in an RFP (Request for Proposal) that will be sent out to the successful suppliers shortlisted through this EOI process.


3.0  EOI Requirements for the bidders

Interested bidder should demonstrate their suitability and is expected to share detailed

responses showcasing the firm’s.

Category Requirement
A. Company Information I.        Detailed company profile clearly indicating the business focus areas.

II.        Certificate of Incorporation.

III.        Valid Tax certificate and trading license.

IV.        Address of the physical premises and contact details.

V.        Audited Financial accounts for the past 3 years. (Provide separate report for each year).

VI.        Share name, contact details and position of the person

VII.        primarily responsible for this EOI.


B.  Overall firms’


  I.        Demonstrate firm’s capacity and experience in the supply of Insourced and Outsourced resources.

 II.        Share a list of clients where your company has provided similar services in the last five (5) years in the format on Table 1

III.        below. (Provide supporting documents like Purchase Orders, contracts, award letters etc. to support the details in the

IV.        table).


C. Technical Requirements

I.        Share any industry standards or best practice bodies that the organization conforms to such as ISO, Agile, PMI

II.        Demonstrate the capacity to provide resources by sharing the CVs of current (available) resources who meet the required skills.

4.0  Important Instructions on Enquiries and submission of Responses:

  1. a)The responses to this EOI are to be submitted via the Safaricom i-sourcing portal and e- mail responses WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
  2. b)All suppliers NOT registered/prequalified with Safaricom and would like to participate in this EOI will be expected to register as new suppliers via the below link to be able to access the EOI.

Not all items in the link are mandatory. Mandatory items are the ones in Asterix (*).

All registered suppliers who would like to participate in this EOI can access the EOI via below link:

RFI 1656

Alternatively, Once logged in, all interested suppliers can access the EOI by following below steps:

Supplier Portal>>Negotiations>>View Negotiations>>*Invitation Received (pick NO.)>> Search.

  1. c)For any support/enquiries relating to this EOI, kindly send an email to and
  2. d)The EOI response should not include pricing/commercial proposal.
  3. e)All responses should be provided in standard file formats i.e., XLSs, DOC(X) and PDF. Any link submitted together with the documentation should lead to an MS OneDrive folder and NOT Google Drive or WeTransfer. Submissions with links to platforms other than MS OneDrive will not be accessible on our end and will not be considered.
  4. f)The attachments should be submitted in folders properly labelled as per the index listed above. Organize your submission to have folders A to E as listed above.
  5. g)Any costs associated with the preparation and submission of the response to the EOI shall be borne by the ven


5.0  Evaluation Process

  • Once Safaricom PLC receives responses to this EOI on the closure date indicated, the evaluator shall evaluate all the responses to the EOI including all supporting documents & documentary evidence. Please NOTE that failure to submit requisite supporting documents or documentary evidence, may lead to rejection of the EOI response.
  • The Evaluation Committee may seek additional documents as it deems necessary, at its discretion as part of the evaluation exercise that will be undertaken.
  • EOI respondents who meet the minimum requirements may be called for a detailed presentation for further evaluation of their technical capability, product quality, Quality Analysis procedure, etc. as part of the EOI evaluation.
  • Only those EOI respondents that meet the minimum requirements indicated in the EOI requirements section will be shortlisted following successful evaluation of their offering/solution proposal.


6.0  Next Steps

  • Suppliers that express interest to participate in the provision of the above-mentioned scopes and meet our requirements, shall be prequalified in their area(s) of expertise, subject to the provision of required documentation.
  • Suppliers that meet the minimum evaluation in the EOI and pre-qualification criteria will be considered for further discussion on the tender process.


7.0  Note

  • Safaricom PLC reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to select or reject either in totality or partially, any or all proposals made in the context of this EOI. Any such decisions made will be final and no correspondence will be engaged into, other than for informing the bidders of the outcome of the process.
  • The receipt of a response shall not bind Safaricom into any contractual agreements with the bidder. Such arrangements shall only come into place once a tender process has been undertaken and an award issued to successful bidder(s) as evaluated technically and commercially.

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