The Teachers Service Commission was established under Article 237 of the Constitution as a Constitutional Commission with the mandate to register trained teachers, recruit and employ registered teachers, promote and transfer teachers, assign teachers employed by the Commission for service in any public school, exercise disciplinary control over trained teachers To achieve its constitutional mandate through effective and efficient service delivery, the Commission invites interested and eligible firms/tenderers to bid for the following tenders










1. TSC/T/18/2020-2021 Supply, Delivery, Installa­tion and Commissioning of Ultrafiltration System 30,000 National Open Tender Wednesday, 27th January, 2021 at 9.00am Tuesday 19th January, 2021 at 10.00 am
2. TSC/T/31/2020-2021 Comprehensive mainte­nance of CCTV Cameras at TSC Headquarters N/A Reserved for Youth Wednesday, 27th January, 2021 at 9.00am N/A
3. TSC/T/34/2020-2021 Supply and Delivery of Motor cycle riding suits and boots (150 sets) N/A Reserved for Women Wednesday, 27th January, 2021 at 9.00am N/A
4. TSC/T/35/2020-2021 Proposed comple­tion of double storey office block at Bomet for Teachers Service Commission 700,000 National Open Tender Thursday, 28th January, 2021 at 9.00am Wednesday 20th January, 2021 at 10.00 am at Bomet
5. TSC/T/36/2020-2021 Proposed Re-partitioning of office space for Quali­ty Assurance Department on 2nd Floor TSC Building 50,000 National Open Tender Thursday, 28th January, 2021 at 9.00am Tuesday 19th January, 2021 at 10.00 am
6. TSC/T/37/2020-2021 Supply, Delivery and Installation of Air Condi­tioner and Uninterrupt­ible Power Supply (UPS) N/A Reserved for Youth Thursday, 28th January, 2021 at 9.00am N/A
7. TSC/T/38/2020-2021 Supply, Delivery and Installation of Local Area Network at TSC Offices at various Counties N/A Reserved for Women Only Friday, 29th January, 2021 at 9.00am N/A
8. TSC/T/39/2020-2021 Provision of Network Security, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing 60,000 National Open Tender Friday, 29th January, 2021 at 9.00am N/A

Detailed Tender document may be obtained from Supply Chain Management Services Division, the TSC House 2nd floor Podium Wing, Kilimanjaro Road, during normal working hours upon payment of non-refundable fee of Kshs.1,000.00 (One Thousand Shil­lings) per set payable to Teachers Service Commission at National Bank of Kenya Account No. 01001000905000, Harambee Avenue Branch or Bankers Cheque and present the bank slip to TSC Cash office for official receipt.

Interested bidders may also download free of charge the same tender documents from TSC website: www.tsc.go.ke or www. tenders.go.ke and forward their particulars for records to ddprocurement@tsc.go.ke. The particulars should include: Name of the firm, the address and Tender Name and Number.

Complete bid documents must be sealed in plain envelope marked with tender name and reference number should be ad­dressed to:

The Secretary

Teachers Service Commission
TSC House, Upper Hill, Kilimanjaro Road
Private Bag, 00100

and be deposited in the Tender Box located on 3ld Floor, Podium Wing as per the dates and time indicated in each tender above.

Bidders are advised to take NOTE that the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health protocols on the measures to stop the spread of COVID 19 and subsequent additional guidelines on Circular No: 02/2020, Referenced PPRA/6/5 Vol.1 (1) dated 27th March, 2020 issued by the PPRA in respect to handling of procurement proceedings shall apply.

The tenders will be opened in accordance with the provisions of the above guidelines in the same venue in the presence of ONLY ONE (1) bidder representative from each firm who will be allowed to witness the tender opening exercise. All bidder represen­tatives will be required to sign the tender opening register before they leave the venue. Opening minutes may be circulated to tenderers upon request in writing.


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