County Government of Migori invites interested and eligible bidders for prequalification of the under listed categories for financial year 2024-2026

1. CGM/PRQ/01/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of General Hardware, Building and Construction Materials. Open
2. CGM/PRQ/02/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of Animals, Agricultural Farm Inputs and Animal Feeds. Open
3. CGM/PRQ/03/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of Veterinary Drugs Open
4. CGM/PRQ/04/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of General Stationery Open
5. CGM/PRQ/05/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of Electrical Items, Fittings and Accessories. Open
6. CGM/PRQ/O6/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of PVC & Gi Water Pipes, Fittings and Gravel pack. Open
7. CGM/PRQ/07/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of Sewer Network. Maintenance Items and Equipment. Open
8. CGM/PRQ/08/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of Motor Vehicles Spare Parts, Tyres, Tubes, Batteries, Generators and Accessories. Open
9. CGM/PRQ/09/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of Firefighting Equipment. Open
10. CGM/PRQ/10/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of Pharmaceuticals Open
11. CGM/PRQ/11/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of Non-Pharmaceuticals. Open
12. CGM/PRQ/12/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of Laboratory Reagents, Apparatus and Small Equipment Open
13. CGM/PRQ/13/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of Medical Equipment [X-Ray and Dental Materials] Open
14. CGM/PRQ/14/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery ICT Equipment, Computer Accessories and Computer Consumables. Open
15. CGM/PRQ/15/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of Water Treatment Chemicals. Open
16. CGM/PRQ/16/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of Disaster Response Items and Environmental Management Tools and Equipment. Open
17. CGM/PRQ/17/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of Instrumentation and Calibration Equipment Open
18 CGM/PRQ/18/2024-2026 Supply & Delivery of Staff Uniforms and Personal Protective Clothing Open
19 CGM/PRQ/19/2024-2026 Supply & Delivery of Sports Uniforms and Equipment, Open
20 CGM/PRQ/20/2024-2026 Supply & Delivery of Office Furniture, Fittings and Interior Requirements. Open
21 CGM/PRQ/21/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of office Cleaning Materials and Sanitation. Open
22 CGM/PRQ/22/2024-2026 Supply and Delivery of Tree Seedlings Open
23. CGM/PRQ/23/2024-2026 Provision of General Civil Works. [Building and Construction, Road and Waterworks]. Open
24. CGM/PRQ/24/2024-2026 Provision of Transport Hire and Towing Services. Open
25. CGM/PRQ/25/2024-2026 Provision of Air Ticketing Services. Open
26. CGM/PRQ/26/2024-2026 Provision of Exhaustion Services. Open
27. CGM/PRQ/27/2024-2026 Provision of Property, Asset and Land Valuation Services. Open
28. CGM/PRQ/28/2024-2026 Provision of Public Research, Advertising Agency and Media Management Services. Open
29. CGM/PRQ/29/2024-2026 Provision of Earth Moving Equipment, Material Handling and Hire Services. Open
30. CGM/PRQ/30/2024-2026 Provision of Car Hire and Allied Services. Open
31. CGM/PRQ/31/2024-2026 Provision of Public Auction Services. Open
32. CGM/PRQ/32/2024-2026 Provision of Consultancy Services, Environmental Impact Assessment, Audit Services and Trainings. Open
33. CGM/PRQ/33/2024-2026 Provision of Website Hosting and Content Management Services. Open
34. CGM/PRQ/34/2024-2026 Provision of Security Services. Open
35. CGM/PRQ/35/2024-2026 Provision of Courier Services. Open
36. CGM/PRQ/36/2024-2026 Provision of Town Hygiene, Sanitary, Garbage Collection and Allied Services. Open
37. CGM/PRQ/37/2024-2026 Provision of Insurance Services. Open
38. CGM/PRQ/38/2024-2026 Provision of Printing Works for County Documents. Open
39. CGM/PRQ/39/2024-2026 Provision of Fumigation and Pest Control Services Open
40. CGM/PRQ/40/2024-2026 Provision of Maintenance for Office Furniture and Fitting Services Open

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