Options Consultancy Services Kenya Limited invites tenders for pre-qualification of interested and eligible suppliers (including current suppliers] for various goods and services for the period 2021-2023. The tender documents with detailed information can be obtained from https://options.co.uk/tenders and returned by 12.00 noon 16th December 2020



OCSK/PQ/01/2021 Supolv of general stationery including toners and cartridges
OCSK/PQ/02/2021 Supply of office furniture and fittings         
OCSK/PQ/03/2021 Supplv of medical equipment, PPEs
OCSK/PQ/04/2021 Supply of branded promotional items and materials (banners, t-shirts, bags, brochures, newsletters, certificates etc.
OCSK/PQ/05/2021 Provision of air ticketing and other travel agency services                _
OCSK/PQ/06/2021 Repair and maintenance of office furniture, fixtures, and fittings
OCSK/PQ/07/2021 Provision of comprehensive office cleaning services         
OCSK/PQ/08/2021 Provision of accommodation and conference services country wide.
OCSK/PQ/09/2021 Provision of photography and videography services
OCSK/PQ/10/2021 Provision of office design and partitioning services
OCSK/PQ/n/2021 Provision of motor vehicle repair and maintenance services. (Motor vehicle tires etc.]      
OCSK/PQ/12/2021 Provision of vehicle hire and taxi services.
OCSK/PQ/13/2021 Provision of courier services and professional mover services e.g. moving household/office items
0CSK/PQ/14/2021 Provision of event management services, hire of tents, tables, chairs, and accessories (e.g. decor!
OCSK/PQ/15/2021 Fumigation and pest control services
OCSK/PQ/16/2021 Supplv and maintenance of air conditioning services.
OCSK/PQ/17/2021 Provision of outside catering services
OCSK/PQ/18/2021 Provision of legal services
OCSK/PQ/19/2021 Provision of immigration advisory services                             
OCSK/PQ/20/2021 Provision and maintenance of access control systems
OCSK/PQ/21/2021 Provision of Audit services
OCSK/PQ/22/2021 Provision of Tax services                                
OCSK/PQ/23/2021 Provision of general insurance services f i.e. vehicle, travel, assets etc.!
OCSK/PQ/24/2021 Provision of medical insurance services
OCSK/PQ/25/2021 Provision of Group Personal Accident and Work Injury Benefit Cover fGPA & WIBA!
OCSK/PQ/26/2021 Provision of pension scheme services
OCSK/PQ/27/2021 Supplv, installation, and maintenance of fire appliances/fire hydrants, training, and safetv services
OCSK/PQ/28/2021 Provision of electrical maintenance services
OCSK/PQ/29/2021 Supply of prepaid fuel services
OCSK/PQ/30/2021 Provision of occupational health, safetv, and firefighting training services
OCSK/PQ/31/2021 Supply and maintenance of computer equipment e.g. servers, routers, printers, scanners, laptops, desktop computers and related accessories.
OCSK/PQ/32/2021 Provision of Internet and related Services
OCSK/PQ/33/2021 Provision of voice, data communication services and computer networks/video conference – purchase or hire
OCSK/PQ/34/2021 Provision of software solutions, website development, mobile apps, development, hosting and licensing services
OCSK/PQ/35/2021 Provision of cloud services
OCSK/PQ/36/2021 Provision of consultancy services; Communications and Public Relations, Staff coaching, Capacity building, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation, Baseline and end line assessment.

Duly completed pre- qualification documents in plain sealed envelopes with appropriate tender reference numbers and item description marked on top “Pre-Qualification of Suppliers” and addressed to ‘Options, Consultancy Services Kenya Limited Procurement Committee’ should be emailed to: Kenya-Procurement@options.co.uk  or deposited in the Tender Box at the Options Consultancy Services Kenya Limited , Nairobi office, on or before 12.00 noon 16th DECEMBER 2020. Tenders will be opened thereafter at Options Consultancy Services Kenya Limited, 197 Lenana Place, Lenana Road. Late applications will not be accepted.

The Procurement Committee,

Options Consultancy Services Kenya Limited

  1. P.O. BOX 44204 – 00100 NAIROBI

Email: Kenya-procurement(9)options.co.uk

Website: www.options.co.uk

OCSK reserves the right to accept or reject any application either wholly or in part and it is not bound to any reason(s] for the decision.

Options Consultancy Services Kenya Limited – Procurement Committee


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