Tower SACCO Society Ltd is in the process of pre-qualifying suppliers for various goods and services for the 2021 financial year under the following categories

Category Number Item description
TSCCS/N0.1/2021 Supply of computer hardware.
TSCCS/NO.2/2021 Supply of office furniture and equipment.
TSCCS/NO.3/2021 Supply and installation of strong room doors & safe.
TSCCS/N0.4/2021 Supply, installation and configuration of telephone equipment.
TSCCS/NO.5/2021 Supply, installation and servicing of security system equipment.
TSCCS/NO.6/2021 Supply and installation of neon lights and backlit signage.
TSCCS/N0.7/2021 Supply of stationery (General & printed).
TSCCS/N0.8/2021 Supply of consumables for office equipment and computers.
TSCCS/NO.9/2021 Supply of branded promotional items and materials.
TSCCS/N0.10/2021 Supply of anti-virus software licenses.
TSCCS/NO.11/2021 Supply and installation of generator set.
TSCCS/N0.12/2021 Supply of Microsoft Windows 2010, user license + media.
TSCCS/NO.13/2021 Supply of Network monitoring software -Op Manager.
TSCCS/N0.14/2021 Supply and installation of Document Management Software/Archiving
TSCCS/N0.15/2021 Provision of consultancy, research and training services.
TSCCS/N0.16/2021 Provision of sanitact services.
TSCCS/N0.17/2021 Provision of cleaning and fumigation services.
TSCCS/N0.18/2021 Provision of repairs and service maintenance of office equipment, computers and servers.
TSCCS/N0.19/2021 Provision of service maintenance of generators and power backups.
TSCCS/N0.20/2021 Provision of external audit services.
TSCCS/N0.21/2021 Provision of legal services.
TSCCS/N0.22/2021 Provision of valuation services.
TSCCS/N0.23/2021 Provision of debt collection and auctioneering services.
TSCCS/N0.24/2021 Provision of land surveying services.,
TSCCS/N0.25/2021 Provision of service, repairs and renovations on building.
TSCCS/N0.26/2021 Provision of insurance services on loans & deposits.
TSCCS/N0.27/2021 Provision of general insurance services.
TSCCS/N0.28/2021 Provision of security guard services.

Tower SACCO Society Ltd invites scanned tenders from interested bidders for PREQUALIFICATION, SUPPLY, DELIVERY AND PROVISION of the above listed goods and services for the Year 2021.

Note: Youth, Women or persons with disabilities’ who have registered with the National Treasury (Directorate of Procurement) and County Government are encouraged to apply.

Pre-qualification instructions with detailed specifications should be downloaded electronically from our websites or go to downloads, tender documents section. A non-refundable fee of Kshs.1000 per set will be payable in cash to our Equity bank Account No.0160290280412.The bank deposit slip should be attached to the other pre-qualification documents.

Duly completed pre-qualification and other supporting documents should be scanned as a single PDF document, indicating the tender number and sent to The same should be sent on or before Tuesday 8th December 2020 at 4.00 p.m.

Tenders will be opened on Thursday 10th December 2020 at 9.00 am


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