The Nyandarua County Assembly Service Board invites applications for registration of Suppliers and Service Providers from interested eligible Bidders for the supply of goods and provision of services for the Financial Years 2020-2021 & 2021- 2022. For detailed category registration, tenderers should visit: http://assembly.nyandarua.go.ke

1 Supply and delivery of General Stationery and Common user items NCASB/A/01/2020-2022. Reserved.
2 Supply and delivery of drinking water. NCASB/A/02/2020-2022 Reserved.
3 Supply and delivery of fuel and lubricants NCASB/A/03/2020-2022 Open
4 Supply and delivery of fresh milk, sugar, food stuffs and beverages NCASB/A/04/2020-2022 Open
5 Supply and delivery of sportswear and equipment NCASB/A/05/2020-2022 Open
6 Supply and delivery of cleaning materials, detergents, disinfectants NCASB/A/06/2020-2022 Open
7 Supply and delivery of assorted airtime NCASB/A/07/2020-2022 Reserved.
8 Supply and delivery of newspapers and periodicals NCASB/A/08/2020-2022 Open.
9 Supply and delivery of Office Furniture, Furnishings & Fittings NCASB/A/09/2020-2022 Open
10 Supply and delivery of computers, printers, ups, laptops, LCD projectors, servers, Fax UPS, photocopiers & other ICT equipment NCASB/A/10/2020-2022 Open
11 Supply and delivery of Motor Vehicle Spare parts, Tires, Tubes & Batteries NCASB/A/11/2020-2022 Open
12 Supply and delivery of Staff Uniforms and protective clothing NCASB/A/12/2020-2022 Open.
13 Supply and delivery of Branded Promotional Materials (banners, posters, T-shirts & Umbrellas) NCASB/A/13/202.0-2022 Reserved.
14 Supply and delivery of Electrical & Electronic Equipment, and other appliances NCASB/A/14/2020-2022 reserved
15 Supply and delivery of Computer Accessories (tonners, mouse, keyboard) and related accessories. NCASB/A/15/2020-2022 Reserved.
16 Supply and delivery of building, construction and hard ware materials NCASB/A/16/2020-2022 Open
17 Supply, delivery and installation of software N CAS B/A/l7/2020-2022 Open.
18 Supply and maintenance of firefighting/prevention and protection tools/equipment including installation N CAS B/A/l8/2020-2022 Open
19 Provision of Carwash Services NCASB/B/19/2020-2022 Reserved.
20 Provision of air travel and ticketing agency services(IATA registered only) NCASB/B/20/2020-2022 Open
21 Provision of vehicle insurance and other insurance covers NCASB/B/21/2020-2022 Open
22 Provision of repair works for furniture (desks, chairs, strong room doors, filing safes and cabinets) and other fittings NCASB/B/22/2020-2022 Open
23 Provision of data communication services, computer networks & structural cabling installations NCASB/B/23/2020-2022 Open
24 Provision of electrical installation works including repairs and maintenance NCASB/B/24/2020-2022 Reserved.
25 Provision of plumbing and drainage services NCASB/B/25/2020-2022 Reserved.
26 Provision of maintenance of office equipment (photocopiers, shredders, etc.) NCASB/B/26/2020-2022 Open
27 Provision of maintenance service for telephone and telecommunication equipment (PABX, telephone, routers, faxes and related accessories) NCASB/B/27/2020-2022 open
28 Supply and maintenance of CCTV system, digital cameras, TV sets, recorders etc. NCASB/B/28/2020-2022 Open
29 Repair and maintenance of computer systems, servers, routers, etc. NCASB/B/29/2020-2022 Open
30 Provision of printing, publishing and binding services NCASB/B/30/2020-2022 Open
31 Provision of cleaning fumigation and pest control services NCASB/B/31/2020-2022 Reserved.
32 Provision of courier services NCASB/B/32/2020-2022 Open
33 Provision of internet and web hosting services NCASB/B/33/2020-2022 Open
34 Provision of photography, videography and public address services NCASB/B/34/2020-2022 Reserved.
35 Provision of event organizing services, hiring of tents and chairs NCASB/B/35/2020-2022 Open
36 Provision of security services and supply of other security gadgets/ systems NCASB/B/36/2020-2022 Open
37 Provision for repair and servicing of Assembly vehicles NCASB/B/37/2020-2022 Open
38 Provision of Hotel accommodation, conference facilities and outside catering services NCASB/B/38/2020-2022 Open
39 Provision of (property/assets /land) valuation services NCASB/B/39/2020-2022 Open
40 Provision of legal services NCASB/B/40/2020-2022 Open
41 Provision of landscaping services NCASB/B/41/2020-2022 Open
42 Provision of consulting services (customer satisfaction, base line survey, employee satisfaction survey and work environment survey NCASB/B/42/2020-2022 Open
43 Provision of consultancy services Training, capacity building and Counseling Services. NCASB/B/43/2020-2022 Open
44 Provision of legislative drafting services NCASB/B/44/2020-2022 Open
45 Provision of Architectural & Quantitative Survey Services NCASB/B/45/2020-2022 Open
46 Provision of bulky electronic Short message services NCASB/B/46/2020-2022 Open
47 Provision of Tour and Travel Services NCASB/B/47/2020-2022 Open
48- Provision of Car Hire Services NCASB/B/48/2020-2022 Open
49 Provision Of Dry Cleaning Services NCASB/B/49/2020-2022 Open
50 Repair and maintenance of offices and buildings. NCASB/C/50/2020-2022 Open
51 Provision for building works (must be registered with National Construction Authority) NCASB/C/51/2020-2022 Open

Categories marked “Reserved” have been specifically set aside for exclusive competition among enterprises owned by the Youth, Women & Persons with Disabilities.

Candidates applying for registration under “Reserved” categories should be duly registered with the National Treasury and proof of the same attached in the registration documents being submitted.

Categories marked “Open” are accessible to all interested, eligible candidates.

Interested bidders should attach copies of the following:

  1. Copy of Business Registration Certificate/Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Copy of valid and current Tax Compliance Certificate
  3. Copy of PIN and VAT certificate
  4. Youth, Women and PWD’s Certificates from the NATIONAL TREASURY/COUNTY GOVERNMENT (AGPO) for preferential Tenders.
  5. Valid copy of any other document as indicated in the tender document.

Tender documents with detailed Specifications can be downloaded free of charge on http://www.assembly.nyandarua.go.ke. Completed Tender documents are to be enclosed in a plain sealed envelope marked with Tender Name and Reference Number and deposited in the Tender box situated at the reception of Nyandarua County Assembly Offices, located at former Ol’Kalou Town Council opposite Ol Kalou Police Station or be addressed to:-

Nyandarua County Assembly,

P.O Box 720-20303,

Ol Kalou.

So as to be received on or before Friday 14th August, 2020 at 11.00 am (Local time).

Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the Procurement Office in the presence of Tenderers’ or their Representatives who choose to attend the opening. Late Tenders will not be accepted.

Registration application shall be received continuously and updated quarterly.