Tenders are invited for supply and delivery of under listed items for the year 2024/2025.

1.       AGHS/01/24/25 Supply of Dry Groceries [ Salt, Cooking Fat. Margarine Etc.
2.       AGHS/02/24/25 Supply of Sugar
3.       AGHS/03/24/25 Supply of Rice
4.       AGHS/04/24/25 Supply of Cereals [Dry Maize, Beans. & Green Grams]
5.       AGHS/05/24/25 Supply of Fresh Milk.
6.       AGHS/06/24/25 Supply of Fresh Meat.
7.       AGHS/07/24/25 Supply of Bakers Flour, and Yeast.
8.       AGHS/08/24/25 Supply of Printed Stationery.
9.       AGHS/09/24/25 Supply of Sports Equipment & Sports Uniform.
10.     AGHS/10/24/25 Supply of Students And Staff
11.     AGHS/11/24/25 Supply of RISO Inks/ RISO master and servicing
12.     AGHS/12/24/25 Supply of Laboratory Chemicals & Equipment.
13.     AGHS/13/24/25 Supply of Plumbing Materials.
14.     AGHS/14/24/25 Supply of Electrical Fittings.
15.     AGHS/15/24/25 Supply of Hardware & Building Materials.
16.     AGHS/16/24/25 Supply of Security Services.
17.     AGHS/17/24/25 Supply of LPG Gas
18.     AGHS/18/24/25 Supply of Fuel & Lubricants
19.     AGHS/19/24/25 Provision of Fire Extinguisher Services
20.     AGHS/20/2025 Provision of Insurance Cover For School Vehicles.
21.     AGHS/21/24/25 Provision of General Insurance Cover School Buildings & Equipment.
22.     AGHS/22/24/25 Pre-qualification for Motor Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Services
23.     AGHS/23/24/25 Pre-qualification for Borehole Services
24.     AGHS/24/24/25 Pre-qualification for servicing of Energy Saving Jikos
25.     AGHS/25/24/25 Pre-qualification for annual service & maintenance of Diesel Generators
Reserved For Youth Women & Persons Living With Disabilities
26.     AGHS/26/24/25 of General Stationery.
27.     AGHS/27/24/25 Supply of Photography & Video Services.
28.     AGHS/28/24/25 Supply of Eggs & Chicken.
29.     AGHS/29/24/25 Supply of Computer Accessories. Printer Toners & Servicing.
30.     AGHS/30/24/25 Supply of Animal Feeds. Poultry Feeds. Farm Inputs & Vetinary drugs/ Services.
31.     AGHS/31/24/25 Supply of Sanitary Bins & Service.
32.     AGHS/32/24/25 Supply of Swimming Pool Chemicals And Other Accessories.
33.     AGHS/33/24/25 Supply of Cleaning Materials & Detergent.
34.     AGHS/34/24/25 Supply of Fruits & vegetables
35.     AGHS/35/24/25 Supply of Charcoal
36.     AGHS/36/24/25 Supply of Tents & Chairs for Hire

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