Pumwani Boys Secondary School invites bidders who are technically and financially capable to : supply the following items and services for the period 1st July 2023 to-30th June, 2024:

| PBSS/01/2023/2024 Supply of Stationery, Printing and Textbooks OPEN
2 PBSS/02/2023/2024 Supply of Computer, Computer Accessories & Toners OPEN
3 PBSS/03/2023/2024 Supply of Foodstuffs – Cereals OPEN
4 PBSS/04/2023/2024 Supply of Manufactured Foodstuffs OPEN
5 PBSS/05/2023/2024 Supply of Bread OPEN
6 PBSS/06/2023/2024 Supply of Eggs RESERVED
7 PBSS/07/2023/2024 Supply of Milk and Milk Products OPEN
8 PBSS/08/2023/2024 Supply of Meat and Meat Products OPEN
9 PBSS/09/2023/2024 Provision of Chapatti Labour Services OPEN
10 PBSS/10/2023/2024 Supply of Fresh Fruits RESERVED
II PBSS/11/2023/2024 Supply of Fresh Vegetables OPEN
12 PBSS/12/2023/2024 Supply of Cleaning Materials and Detergents RESERVED
13 PBSS/13/2023/2024 Supply of Swimming pool chemicals OPEN
14 PBSS/14/2023/2024 Supply of Staff Uniforms OPEN
15 PBSS/ i 5/2023/2024 Supply of Firewood OPEN
16 PBSS/16/2023/2024 Supply of Briquettes RESERVED
\1 PBSS/17/2023/2024 [Supply of Charcoal OPEN
18 PBSS/18/2023/2024 Supply of Games & Sports Equipment OPEN
19 PBSS/19/2023/2024 Supply of Laboratory Chemicals & Equipment OPEN
20 PBSS/20/2023/2Q24 Supply of Electrical materials , hardware & repairs OPEN
21 PBSS/21/2023/2024 Supply of Sanatorium drugs OPEN
22 PBSS/2 2/2023/2024 Provision of Security services OPEN
23 PBSS/23/2023/2024 Provision of General Repair works in the school OPEN
24 PBSS/24/2023/2024 Supply of Sanitary Products RESERVED
25 PBSS/25/2023/2024 Supply of Plumbing materials and Services OPEN
26 PBSS/26/2023/2024 Supply of Building Materials OPEN

Interested and eligible bidders may obtain Tender Documents with detailed specifications and conditions from the schools’ account office upon presenting a banking slip of a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 1,000 per each tender category payable through cash or National Bank Account Name – Pumwani Secondary School, Account Number – 01021002843401

Completed tender documents in plain sealed envelope marked with the relevant Tender Category should be deposited in the Tender Box outside the Principal’s Office. Each tender must be submitted in a separate envelope and addressed to:

The Chairperson,

Tender Board Committee,

P.O.BOX 16364- 00610.


so as to reach the undersigned on or before 12th JUNE 2023 at 12.00 noon. Tenders shall be publicly opened thereafter. Prospective applicants are invited to attend the opening of the tenders on the same day in the School Board Room.

Note: Reserved for People with disability, Youth and Women. Relevant documents to be

The School’s Tender Board reserves the right to accept or reject any Tender in whole or in
part without giving reasons thereof and does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
NB:AII prices should be inclusive of Government Taxes where applicable

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