The County Government of Busia invites interested eligible Contractors/Consultants to apply for the tenders listed below for FY2022/2023

1 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/27/2022/2023 Repair and maintenance of water pump and solar powered system at mufumu ECO-Agenga Nanguna 1293634 Open
2 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/28/2022/2023 Repair and Maintenance of water points and pipeline extension ward wide- Amukura Central 1293630 Reserved
3 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/29/2022/2023 Supply and installation of 10,000 litres cubic water tank and pipe extension at akatagoroit primary- Amukura West 1293625 Reserved
4 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/30/2022/2023 Repair and installation of Solar pumping system and pipe extension at Lukolis model health centre- Amukura West 1293622 Reserved
5 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/31/2022/2023 Supply and installation of 10,000 litres cubic water tank and pipe extension at parratere- Amukura West 1293620 Reserved
6 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/32/2022/2023 Repair of boreholes and water points ward wide- Angurai East 1293614 Open
7 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/33/2022/2023 Repair of Akudep borehole- Angurai South 1293612 Open
8 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/34/2022/2023 Repair and maintenance of airstrip primary water works- Angorom 1293610 Reserved
9 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/35/2022/2023 Repair and maintenance of boreholes ward wide- Bukhayo East 1293606 Open
10 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/36/2022/2023 Repair and improvement of water systems at Bukadanyi Market- Bukhayo Central 1293603 Open
11 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/37/2022/2023 Repair of boreholes ward wide- Bukhayo North/Walatsi 1593600 Reserved
12 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/38/2022/2023 Repair of shallow wells- Bunyala Central 1293595 Reserved
13 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/39/2022/2023 Repair of Boreholes ward wide- Bunyala North 1293594 Reserved
14 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/40/2022/2023 Replacement of water tanks- Bunyala North 1293589 Reserved
15 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/41/2022/2023 Repair/Maintenance and purchase of water accessories at port Victoria water supply station- Bunyala West 1293582 Reserved
16 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/42/2022/2023 Repair and Maintenance of boreholes ward wide- Bwiri 1293578 Open
17 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/43/2022/2023 Repair of Abai spring- Chakol North 1293575 Open
18 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/44/2022/2023 Repair of borehole ward wide- Chakol North Ward 1293571 Reserved
19 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/45/2022/2023 Water points repair at Atapar, Ongariama and Otimong- Chakol South 1293410 . Open
20 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/46/2022/2023 Repair and Maintenance of boreholes at mlimani, kwa mzee ajuku,kasukuba,koomojong, kwa mzee amokoba, kwa mzee kafu, osajai chief office and IPC Osajai- Malaba North 1293408 Reserved
21 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/47/2022/2023 Repair and maintenance of water pumps at kengatuny.amosing water project and apijan- Malaba South 1293404 Open
22 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/48/2022/2023 Maintenance of water points and pipeline Extensions- Marachi Central 1293401 Reserved
23. BSA/CG/WIENRCC/49/2022/2023 Repair and maintenance of buyayi water project, installation of solar power system, construction of water kiosks and pipe extension to community/school- Marachi East 1293397 Reserved
24 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/50/2022/2023 Repair of existing of boreholes and natural springs ward wide- Marachi North 1293393 Open
25 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/51/2022/2023 Maintenance of water projects and pipeline Extensions- Marachi West 1293368 Reserved
26 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/52/2022/2023 Repair and maintenance of water sources ward wide- Matayos South 1293362 Reserved
27 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/53/2022/2023 Repair of Boreholes ward wide- Mayenje 1293292 Reserved
28 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/54/2022/2023 Erection of water tank and installation of solar system at Emakina water project- Nambale Township 1293273 Open
29 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/55/2022/2023 Repair and maintenance of existing boreholes, repair of pipeline and pipe extension Nambuku/Namboboto 1293270 Open
30 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/56/2022/2023 Maintenance of Moding water scheme 1293265 Open
31 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/57/2022/2023 Drilling and pipe extension at Angurai 1293232 Open
32 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/58/2022/2023 Installation of Solar pump and water tank at Dakhiro 1293199 Open
33 BSA/CG/WI ENRCC/59/2022/2023 Installation of solar powered borehole at Bunandi 1293187 Open
34 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/60/2022/2023 Repair and Maintenance of Kekalet [bishop kitwii] borehole 1293183 Reserved
35 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/61/2022/2023 Maintenance of Akoreet spring 1293177 Reserved
36 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/62/2022/2023 Installation of hybrid pumping system at port Victoria 1293174 Open
37 BS A/CG/W1E N RC C/63/2022/2023 Pipeline extensions across the county [MALABA] 1293170 Open
38 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/64/2022/2023 Pipeline extensions across the county of (BUNYALA) 1293168 Reserved
39 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/65/2022/2023 Development of ATC irrigation infrastructure 1293001 Open
40 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/66/2022/2023 Pipeline Extension of Mungatsi Project 1293229 Reserved
41 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/67/2022/2023 Maintenance of Apokor Water Scheme 1293227 Reserved
42 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/68/2022/2023 Maintenance of County Headquarter Borehole 1293173 Open
43 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/69/2022/2023 Maintenance of Buildings and Stations [Office Renovation] 1292934 Reserved
44 BSA/CG/WIENRCC/70/2022/2023 Maintenance of Buildings and Stations [Perimeter Wall and Fence Construction] 1292999 Open


Development of county Irrigation policy 1293005 Open

Tender documents containing detailed information on the tenders can be freely downloaded from the IFMIS Supplier portal .

Completely filled and signed tender documents and attachments MUST be submitted through the IFMIS supplier portal: so as to be received on or before Wednesday, 31st May at 10.00 a.m. All tenders MUST be submitted through the IFMIS platform SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT SERVICES

NOTE: Bidders who may experience challenges in accessing and uploading their tenders in the IFMIS tender portal should contact the IFMIS Helpdesk [email . Tel 0800721477/0204801801] at the treasury or contact our Supply Chain Function office located at the County Headquarters first floor, room 47.



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