First community Bank invites interested and eligible applicants for pre-qualification/registration of suppliers and contractors for supply of under listed goods, works and services for the year 2021-2022.

FCB/01/2021-2022 Prequalification for supply of General stationary.
FCB/02/2021-2022 Prequalification for supply of Printed stationary.
FCB/03/2021-2022 Prequalification for supply and printing of stamps and company seals.
FCB/04/2021-2022 Prequalification for supply of branded promotional materials, tents, mail bags and flexi banners etc.
FCB/05/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of corporate branding, forex boards and signage services.
FCB/06/2021-2022 Prequalification for supply of office furniture, furnishings and fittings.
FCB/07/2021-2022 Prequalification for supply and printing of Staff Badges.
FCB/08/2021-2022 Prequalification for the Supply, renewal, support and maintenance of Cyber security System (Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Proxy, Email gateway, NAC, database firewalls, penetration test etc.)
FCB/09/2021-2022 Prequalification for the Supply configuration and maintenance of ICT Hardware’s (desktops, Laptops, IP Phones, Routers, Switches etc.)
FCB/10/2021-2022 Prequalification for the Supply, Install and maintenance of ICT Digital solutions and software. (Off shell and or customized software.)
FCB/11/2021-2022 Prequalification for the Supply, Configuration and maintenance of Datacenter (Dc Servers, systems.)
FCB/12/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of Archiving services.
FCB/13/2021-2022 Prequalification for leasing and maintenance of photocopiers.
FCB/14/2021-2022 Prequalification for repair & maintenance of buildings.
FCB/15/2021-2022 Prequalification for building contractors and civil works.
FCB/16/2021-2022 Prequalification for supply and maintenance of air conditioners.
FCB/17/2021-2022 Prequalification for supply, installation and service of generators.
FCB/18/2021-2022 Prequalification for supply and installation of power back up systems (inverters, stabilizers, AVR’S and UPS).
FCB/19/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of structural cabling services.
FCB/20/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of plumbing and drainage services.
FCB/21/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of electrical services and maintenance of electrical equipment’s.
FCB/22/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of consultancy services (architects, quantity surveyors and engineers).
FCB/23/2021-2022 Prequalification for supply and service of firefighting equipment’s, fire alarms and fire detection services.
FCB/24/2021-2022 Prequalification for supply and maintenance of safes, fire resistant cabinets and strong room doors.
FCB/25/2021-2022 Prequalification for leasing, supply and maintenance of note counters, note sorters, coin counters and validators.
FCB/26/2021-2022 Prequalification for repair and maintenance of motor vehicle and supply of spare parts.
FCB/27/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of transport, car leasing, truck and car hire services
FCB/28/2021-2022 Prequalification for professional relocation of household items for staff.
FCB/29/2Q21-2Q22 Prequalification for Provision of car tracking services.
FCB/30/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of land and motor vehicle valuation services.
FCB/31/2Q21-2022 Prequalification for provision debt collection and auctioneering services.
FCB/32/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of legal services.
FCB/33/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of HR services (Employee engagement and surveys, Recruitment, job evaluation, Training and team buildings)
FCB/34/2021-2022 Prequalification for the supply of branded wear (shirts, T-shirts, caps, kanzus etc.)
  Prequalification for provision of insurance cover services
FCB/35/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of events management services.
FCB/36/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of medical insurance cover.
FCB/37/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of videography, documentary and photography services.
FCB/38/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of advertising services and graphic design services.
FCB/39/2021-2022 Prequalification for supply and service of ATM machines.
FCB/40/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of security documents printing services.
FCB/41/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of crime scene management and forensic investigation services.
FCB/42/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of lease and maintenance of intruder alarm systems.
FCB/43/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of lease and maintenance of CCTV systems.
FCB/44/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of lease and maintenance of access control systems.
FCB/45/2021-2022 Prequalification for supply of queue leads and queue management systems.
FCB/46/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of cash in transit services-CIT
F C B/47/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of guarding services
FCB/48/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of courier and parcel services.
FCB/49/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of professional cleaning services.
FCB/50/2021-2022 Prequalification for supply of sanitary bins, Toilet papers and air freshener dispensers.
FCB/51/2021-2022 Prequalification for supply of drinking water and water dispensers.
FCB/52/2021-2022 Prequalification for Provision of catering and tea services.
FCB/53/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of fumigation and pest control services.
FCB/54/2021-2022 Prequalification for supply of fuel cards and diesel.
FCB/55/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of clearing & forwarding services.
FCB/56/2021-2022 Prequalification for provision of hotel bookings, travel agency and air ticketing
FCB/57/2021^2022 Prequalification for the supply of milk.

Prequalification documents with, detailed specified conditions are available on the company’s website Interested bidders are required to pay a non-refundable fee of Kshs 3,000 (Three Thousand shillings only) per category. Available payment methods are Mpesa – Paybill 919700 Account number 0199330001 Direct deposit to account No. 199330 at any First Community Bank Branch

Completed documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked “Prequalification documents for the supply of goods and services”, Category Ref    Description and the tenderer’s company name should be addressed & sent to:

The Tender Committee

First community bank Limited

P.O Box 26219 GPO 00100,


Or be deposited in the tender box at our Head office, FCB Mlhrab, Mezzanine 1, Lenana rd/Ring Road Kilimani, together with the payment receipt to reach us on or before 23rd October 2020 at noon.

The list of suppliers will be maintained in the First community bank database and does not constitute any contractual obligation with any party.

The company reserves the right to accept or reject any application in part or whole and is not bound to give reasons for its decision.


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