Kisumu East Constituency-National Government Constituencies Development Fund invites sealed tenders from interested eligible bid­ders for the following tender for the financial Year 2020/2021

1. KSMEAST/NG-CDF/KIBOS-PRI/CLRMS/01/2020-2021 Proposed renovation of 4 classrooms at Kibos Primary School Open
2. KSMEAST/NG-CDF/OGANGO-PRI/CLRMS/02/2020-2021 Proposed renovation of 4 classrooms at Oeaneo Primary School Open
3. KSMEAST/NG-CDF/MBEME-PRI/CLRMS/03/2020-2021 Proposed renovation of 4 classrooms at Mbeme Primary School Open
4. KSMEAST/NG-CDF/TIDO-PRI/CLRMS/04/2020-2021 Proposed renovation of 3 classrooms at Tido Primary School Open
5. KSMEAST/NG-CDF/BUNGU-PRI/CLRMS/05/2020-2021 Proposed renovation of 4 classrooms at Bungu Primary School Open
6. KSMEAST/NG-CDF/AYARO-PRI/CLRMS/06/2020-2021 Proposed renovation of 4 classrooms at Avaro Primary School Open
7. KSMEAST/NG-CDF/OBINO-PRI/CLRMS/07/2020-2021 Proposed renovation of 4 classrooms at Obino Primary School Open
8. KSMEAST/NG-CDF/RENJA-PRI/CLRMS/08/2020-2021 Proposed renovation of 4 classrooms at Renia Primary School Open
9. KSMEAST/NG-CDF/SCOSD-PRI/CLRMS/09/2020-2021 Proposed construction of a septic tank at Senior Chief Onunga School for the Deaf Open
10. KSMEAST/NG-CDF/OKOK-PRI/TOILETS/10/2020-2021 Proposed construction of 10 door toilets at Okok Primary School Y/W/PWD
11. KSMEAST/NG-CDF/OBWOLO-PRI/TOILETS/11/2020-2021 Proposed construction of 10 door toilets at Obwolo Primary School Y/W/PWD
12. KSMEAST/NG-CDF/ORONGO-PRI/TOILETS/12/2020-2021 Proposed construction of 8 door toilets at Oroneo Primary School Y/W/PWD
13. KSMEAST/NG-CDF/NYAMQNGE-PRI/CLRMS/13/2020-2021 Proposed construction of 2 classrooms at Nyamonge Primary School Open
14. KSMEAST/NG-CDF/ANYWANG-PRI/CLRMS/14/2020-2021 Proposed construction of two classrooms at Anywang Primary School Open
15. KSMEAST/NG-CDF/ANYWANG-PRI/CLRMS/15/2020-2021 Proposed renovation of 3 classrooms at Anywang Primary School Open
16. KSMEAST/NG-CDF/KUNYA-PRI/FENCING/16/2020-2021 Proposed fencing at Kunva Primary School Open
17. K5MEAST/NG-CDF/GMSS-SEC/SPORTS/17/2020-2021 Proposed construction of spectator stands at Dr. Aloo Cumbi Mixed Secondary School play field Y/W/PWD

The tenderers MUST meet the following MANDATORY requirements;

  1.             Provide certified copy of certificate of incorporation in the name of the company.
  2.             Attached a valid NCA certificate category 7 and above

      iii.            Provide copies of KRA PIN, VAT Certificates and Valid Tax Compliance Certificate

  1.             Copy of CR12
  2.             Submit Tender Security of 1.5% of the bid price valid for 120 days from the date of tender opening.
  3.             Details and evidence of experience in works of similar nature and size for each of the last three years giving certificates of practical completion and details of clients who may be contracted for further information.

   vii.            Tender form and confidential business questionnaire must be fully filled by authorized person.

  viii.            Provide proof of major items of construction equipment to carry out the proposed works.

  1.             Provide qualifications and experience of key site management and technical personnel and an undertaking that they shall be available for the proposed works.
  2.             Provide evidence of adequacy of working capital for the proposed works [ access to lines [s] of credit and availability of other financial resources]

Complete detailed tender documents may be obtained free online [] or physically at NGCDF Office, next to Kunya Primary School near Kibos Center in Kisumu City at normal working days upon payment of a non- refundable fee of Kshs 1,000 [Kenya Shillings One Thousand Only] in BANKERS cheque payable to KISUMU EAST NGCDF.

Completed tender document must be enclosed in plain, sealed envelope clearly marked with Tender Name and Tender No. and be deposited in the Tender Box at the NG-CDF Office Or be addressed to:


Kisumu East National Government -Constituencies Development Fund
P.O.BOX 3618- 40100, Kisumu,

To be received on or before 21st May 2021 at 10.00 A.M [EAT]

Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter at the NGCDF Boardroom in the presence of tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend.

Price quoted must be inclusive of ail government taxes and should remain valid during the whole contract period.

Kisumu East National Government Constituency Development Fund Reserves the Right to Reject any tender without giving reasons for rejection and does not bind itself to the lowest or any tender