Micro-Enterprises Support Programme Trust [MESPT] is a local organization whose founders are the Government of Kenya and the Royal Danish Embassy. It was established in 2002 with an objective to promote economic growth, employment creation and poverty alleviation through support to enterprises. MESPT provides integrated business development services to micro, small and medium enterprises leading to sustainable business growth across Kenya.

MESPT is now in the process of preparing its register of suppliers for various goods, works, services and consultancies for the period 2021-2022. Interested suppliers are invited to apply for registration, indicating the category of goods, works, services or consultancy they wish to be registered in. Firms registered under the fourth Women and Persons with Disability and Small & Medium Enterprises are encouraged to apply. Special Groups should show proof of registration with the National Treasury [Directorate of Procurement] by providing the certificate of registration to be considered.

The procuring entity’s employees, and their relatives (spouses and children) are not eligible to participate in this vendor registration process.

No Registration Category Description
1 MESPT/VR/2024-2S/01 Supply, Delivery, Installation, Maintenance and Repair of System and Application Software .
2 MESPT/VR/2024-25/D2 Supply . Delivery, Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Information Security Systems & Licenses (Office 365,VM Ware , Firewalls, Antivirus, Adobe sign and all related systems]
3 MESPT/VR/2024-25/03 Supply . Delivery, Installation, Maintenance and Repair of ICT Networks
4 MESPT/VR/2024-25/D4 Supply and delivery of computers, printers, UPS, AC, Scanners, speakers, and Tablets
5 MESPT/VR/2024-25/05 E-22 . and Delivery of Furniture and fittings
6 MESPT/VR/2024-25/06 Supply. Delivery of Motor Vehicle Batteries, Tires, Tubes, Rims & Wheel Alignment and Balancing in Nairobi, Kakamega, Bungoma, Kisumu, Uasin Gishu, Makueni, Machakos, Voi, Taveta, Kilifi, Mtwapa, Mombasa.Kwale etc.
7 MESPT/VR/2024-25/07 Supply and delivery of Office Consumables e.g., Mineral water. Milk Products, toiletries, Newspapers, Periodicals etc.
8 MESPT/VR/2024-25/08 Supply and delivery of assorted office stationery
9 MESPT/VR/2024-25/09 Supply and delivery of seeds and seedlings e.g., Banana, avocado, tree varieties etc.
10 MESPT/VR/2024-25/10 Supply and delivery of promotional Materials: Caps, T-Shirts, Umbrellas, Flyers, Posters, banners & Giveaways
11 MESPT/VR/2024-25/11 Supply and delivery of Hardware Materials – Plumbing materials, timber, building sand, cement, ballast, hardcore, pipes, shade nets etc.
12 MESPT/VR/2024-25/12 Supply and delivery of General Electrical Materials
13 MESPT/VR/2024-25/13 Supply, delivery, Maintenance & servicing of fire-fighting equipment and training
14 MESPT/VR/2024-25/14 Supply and delivery of assorted equipment e.g., weighing scales, Spray equipment, plastic crates
15 MESPT/VR/2024-25/15 Supply and installation of Solar Powered Systems, Back-up Batteries, Solar driers etc.
16 MESPT/VR/2024-25/16 Supply and delivery of laboratory reagents, chemicals, glassware, and equipment
17 MESPT/VR/2024-25/17 Supply and delivery of black soldier fly kits
18 MESPT/VR/2024-25/18 Supply and delivery of gym equipment
19 MESPT/VR/2024-25/19 Supply, Delivery, Maintenance, Repair and Servicing of generators, cold rooms & refrigerators
20 MESPT/VR/2024-25/20 Provision of outside catering services
21 MESPT/VR/2024-25/21 Provision of GLOBAL G.A.P., Fair-trade & Organic Certification services
22 MESPT/VR/2024-25/22 Provision of MRL, Water, Soil and Related Test Services
23 MESPT/VR/2024-25/23 Provision of security guarding services including alarm back up
24 MESPT/VR/2024-25/24 Provision of repair, maintenance, and servicing of ICT related items – AC, computers, servers, printers, UPS etc.
25 MESPT/VR/2024-25/25 Provision of Repair, Maintenance and Servicing of Wide Area Network [WAN] and Local Area Network [LAN]
26 MESPT/VR/2024-25/26 Provision of legal services [General, Conveyancing & Debt collection services]
27 MESPT/VR/2024-25/27 Provision of works services [Repairs, partitioning, renovation, and painting services] – Builders Works
28 MESPT/VR/2024-25/28 Provision of mechanical works services
29 MESPT/VR/2024-25/29 Provision of electrical works services
30 MESPT/VR/2024-25/30 Provision of motor vehicle repairs and maintenance services in Nairobi, Nakuru, Kakamega, Bungoma, Kisumu, Uasin Gishu, Makueni, Machakos, Voi, Taveta, Kilifi, Mtwapa, Mombasa, Kwale etc.
31 MESPT/VR/2024-25/31 Provision of Spray Painting and branding of Motor vehicles
32 MESPT/VR/2024-25/32 Provision of Motor Vehicle Valuation Services
33 MESPT/VR/2024-25/33 Provision of printing and publishing services
34 MESPT/VR/2024-25/34 Provision of archiving services
35 MESPT/VR/2024-25/35 Provision of travel and air ticketing services
36 MESPT/VR/2024-25/36 Provision of transport services for goods e.g., Seedlings, hardware materials etc.
37 MESPT/VR/2024-25/37 Provision of outdoor event Services Tents, Chairs, Flowers & Related Equipment
38 MESPT/VR/2024-25/38 Provision of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Services and First Aid training services
39 MESPT/VR/2024-25/39 Provision of Auctioneering services
40 MESPT/VR/2024-25/40 Provision of conference facilities, hotel, and accommodation in Nairobi, Nakuru, Kakamega, Bungoma, Kisumu, Uasin Gishu, Makueni, Machakos, Voi, Taveta, Kilifi, Mtwapa, Mombasa, Kwale etc.
41 MESPT/VR/2024-25/41 Provision of Cleaning accessories, Fumigation, sanitary services, detergents, and Recycling services.          .
42 MESPT/VR/2024-25/42 Provision of vehicle hire services
43 MESPT/VR/2024-25/43 Provision of team building services
44 MESPT/VR/2024-25/44 Provision of photography, videography, and documentary production services
45 MESPT/VR/2024-25/45 Consultancy for human resource management and recruitment
46 MESPT/VR/2024-25/46 Consultancy services for fundraising expertise
47 MESPT/VR/2024-25/47 Consultancy services for building & construction [Engineers, Architects, Project Managers & Quantity surveyors]
48 MESPT/VR/2024-25/48 Consultancy for company secretarial services
49 MESPT/VR/2024-25/49 Construction and Commissioning of Irrigation Projects, Drilling boreholes, water pans, installing dam liners etc.
50 MESPT/VR/2024-25/50 Consultancy for Technical Assistants for Agricultural field work
51 MESPT/VR/2024-25/51 Consultancy for development of a scientific paper on banana spacing
52 MESPT/VR/2024-25/52 Consultancy to undertake program end term evaluation
53 MESPT/VR/2024-25/53 Consultancy to undertake energy audits

Interested bidders should download the Vendor registration EOI by clicking on the following link https://mespt.org/tender-opportunities/

Bidders will be expected to submit the filled document via email: prequalification@mespt.org by 20th December 2023 COB

Clarifications should be shared via the following email address: procurement@mespt.org

This EOI is free of charge, the issuance of this EOI solicitation does NOT in any way obligate MESPT into making an award. Applicants will not be reimbursed for any costs associated with the preparation of their bids.

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