Country: KENYA
Programme: The Kenya Cereal Enhancement Programme – Climate Resilient Agricultural Livelihoods Programme (KCEP-CRAL)
Reference No. : MOALD/SDA/KCEP-CRAL/PROC/REOI-194/2023-2024

1) The Kenya Cereal Enhancement Programme-Climate Resilience Agricultural Livelihoods (“KCEP-CRAL”) has received financing from the International Fund
for Agricultural Development (“the Fund” or “IFAD”) towards the cost of KCEP-CRAL (“the client” or “procuring entity”), and intends to apply part of the
proceeds for the recruitment of consulting services, for which this REOI is issued.
2) The use of any IFAD financing shall be subject to IFAD’s approval, pursuant to the terms and conditions of the financing agreement, as well as IFAD’s rules,
policies and procedures. IFAD and its officials, agents and employees shall be held harmless from and against all suits, proceedings, claims, demands, losses
and liability of any kind or nature brought by any party in connection with KCEP-CRAL.
3) The consulting services (“the services”) include consulting services to undertake the core outcome indicators (COI) survey and the Programme completion
report (PCR) for the KCEP-CRAL Programme
4) The attention of interested consultants is drawn to IFAD’s Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Policy and the Revised IFAD
Policy on Preventing Fraud and Corruption its Activities and Operations . The latter sets forth IFAD’s provisions on prohibited practices. IFAD further strives
to ensure a safe working environment free of harassment, including sexual harassment, and free of sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) in its activities and
operations as detailed in its IFAD Policy to Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment, Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.
5) The consultant shall not have any actual, potential or reasonably perceived conflict of interest. A consultant with an actual, potential or reasonably perceived
conflict of interest shall be disqualified unless otherwise explicitly approved by the Fund. A consultant including their respective personnel and affiliates are
considered to have a conflict of interest if they a) have a relationship that provides them with undue or undisclosed information about or influence over
the selection process and the execution of the contract, b) participate in more than one EOI under this procurement action, c) have a business or family
relationship with a member of the Purchaser’s board of directors or its personnel, the Fund or its personnel, or any other individual that was, has been
or might reasonably be directly or indirectly involved in any part of (i) the preparation of this REOI, (ii) the shortlisting or selection process for this procurement,
or (iii) execution of the contract. The consultant has an ongoing obligation to disclose any situation of actual, potential or reasonably perceived
conflict of interest during preparation of the EOI, the selection process or the contract execution. Failure to properly disclose any of said situations may lead
to appropriate actions, including the disqualification of the consultant, the termination of the contract and any other as appropriate under the IFAD Policy
on Preventing Fraud and Corruption in its Projects and Operations.
6) A consultant will be selected in accordance with the Quality and Cost Based Selection method set out in IFAD’ project procurement handbook that can be
accessed via the IFAD website at
7) The Shortlisting criteria are summarized below; The detailed evaluation criteria shall be in the EOI document under Annex 2
• Copy of Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration Certificate
• Copy of Valid Tax Compliance Certificate (will be verified on the KRA TCC Checker
• Where the Applicant is a Consortium, provide a list of the proposed Partners/ members of the consortium and the proposed Leader of the consortium
and the roles of each member. This Joint Venture partners should be indicated in the EOI bid submission. Each member shall be evaluated.
• Attach a letter of intention to form a JV, clearly stating the members and signed by each member
• The consulting firm should demonstrate experience in conducting large-scale surveys and producing completion reports for multi-sectoral projects and
those requiring complex data integration within the last Five [5] years.
• Demonstrate experience for conducting a large-scale quantitative and qualitative large impact surveys/studies and PCRs in rural settings in Kenya and/
or Africa Middle Economy Country and or beyond.
8) Consultants may associate with other firms to enhance their qualifications but should indicate clearly whether the association is in the form of a Joint Venture
and/or a sub-consultancy. In the case of a Joint Venture, all the partners in the Joint Venture shall be jointly and severally liable for the entire contract,
if selected.
9) Any request for clarification on this REOI should be sent via e-mail no later than Five days before submission date. The client will provide responses to all
clarification requests within two days to the address below:
Senior Programme Coordinator,
KCEP-CRAL Programme,
P.O.BOX 30028-00100,
10) The (“the client”) now invites eligible consulting firms (“consultants”) to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested consultants should
provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the services. Interested firms should fill
the template for expressions of interest and send it to the address indicated below at the Tender Box at the MOALF& C ground Floor.
The Principal Secretary,
State Department for Agriculture
P.O. Box 30028-00100,
Kilimo House, cathedral road, Nairobi,
Tel: 0770174188.
11) The bidding document can be downloaded by interested Bidders FREE OF CHARGE from the Ministry’s website: under “tender’’ links
or the Programme website and the Bidders who download the tender document from the website must forward their particulars
immediately to for records and any further tender clarifications and addenda. NARL KABETE Grounds. Email:
12) Completed REOI documents, original of the tender MUST be delivered to the address below clearly marked and addressed as shown below;
The Principal Secretary,
State Department for Agriculture
P.O. Box 30028-00100,
Kilimo House, Cathedral Road, Nairobi,
Tel: 0770174188.
on or before 9th July 2024 at 11.00am (EAT) clearly marked “UNDERTAKE CORE OUTCOME INDICATORS (COI) SURVEY AND THE PROGRAMME
13) Electronic submission will also be allowed. The submission should be clearly labelled with the tender reference and submitted to: The submission should be done on or before 9th July 2024 at 11.00am

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