The Joining Forces Alliance for children in Kenya (JFA-Kenya) is a coalition of six child focused Non-Governmental organizations whose members are Child Fund Kenya, Plan International Kenya, Save the Children Kenya, SOS Children’s Villages Kenya, Terre des Hommes and World Vision Kenya. The Six agencies are working together, in the best interest of the child, while strengthening collaboration with the Government of Kenya Ministries, Departments and Agencies and other partners in ensuring that children rights are secured and that the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child are upheld. The Six agencies are committed to working with and supporting children to have their voices heard during decision making processes on all matters that concern children.

JFA-Kenya is in the process of identifying potential Consultants and Consultancy Firms that may be engaged to carry out various sets of assignments with a focus on (but not limited to)

  1. Implementation of Laws and Policies that promote the realization of Child Rights in Kenya.
  2. Public budgeting for the realization of children rights in Kenya.
  3. Involvement and participation of children in decision making processes in Kenya.
  4. Strengthening Child Protection and Response Mechanisms in Kenya.
  5. Documentaries and Media Engagements that promote the realization of Child Rights in Kenya.
  6. Rapid Assessments, Baselines, Mid-term Reviews and Evaluations.
  7. Rapporteur Services.
  8. Editing of Child Rights related content
  9. Translation of Child Rights related content from English to Kiswahili and other local languages in Kenya.
  10. Events planning and coordination of Child Rights related events.

Individual Consultants and Consultancy Firms interested in receiving Terms of References for undertaking assignments that focus on either or all of the above focus areas to send and Expression of Interest, which should strictly be presented in the manner outlined below;

  1.  Introduction – of the Individual Consultant or the Consultancy Firm (including a brief on the Registration Status, especially in the case of Consultancy Firms and Compliance with relevant Government of Kenya Laws and Regulations)
  2. Areas of Expertise and Experience.
  3. List of previous relevant assignments undertaken, using the format below
Month/Year Description of the assignment / task undertaken Client

The Expression of Interest should be submitted in not more than Five (5) pages, PDF version, through email on by 5:00pm Sunday 12th July 2020.